United States Geography Championships

A Geography Knowledge Competition for High School, Middle School & Elementary School Students.
This competition was formerly known as the US Geography Olympiad.
Click here for the reason for the name change.

About USGC

USGC Varsity / JV National Qualifying Exam Locations

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The above map shows a listing of all sites where the USGC Nationals Qualifying Exam is administered for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions. Without exception, all dots correspond to a Regional or State tournament for The National History Bee and Bowl. The Exam is almost always given during the lunch break of the tournaments; click on a dot to see when you must arrive if you are not also competing in the History Bee and/or Bowl. Also, note that you may take the Exam up to 3 times, as long as it is a different version. A different version will be administered at tournaments listed as “A Set”, “B Set”, and “C Set” – click on a tournament to see what Set will be used there (location info opens in a new window).