While Conrad Oberhaus’s 100 and Karthik Karnik’s 97 remain the top scores so far this year across the USA on a USGC qualifying exam (both from the JV division), Sandeep Subramanian posted the highest Varsity score to date in Arizona on Feb. 23 with a 94! Roughly 300 different Varsity division students have given the USGC qualifying exam a try, and his is the score to beat. With just a few weeks left before the qualifying season ends, can someone do it? A reminder that after the competitions on Saturday, 3/16, USGC will tally up the National median scores for all 3 versions of the exam, post those online, and notify all USGC exam-takers through their schools who qualified on the basis of finishing in the top half of all students nationally who took their version of the qualifying exam, but did not qualify outright at the sites they took it at. Perhaps you’ll get a second chance at Nationals this way if it didn’t work out the first time!