So far this year, our C Set version of the National Qualifying Exam has proven somewhat more difficult than last year’s.  However, that didn’t stand in the way of three Massachusetts students posting the three highest scores so far this school year at our November 16 test site at Pioneer Charter School of Science in Everett. Leading the way was David Yuan of Lexington High School (last year’s 5th place finisher at Nationals in the Varsity) who delivered the school year’s first 100, and only the second in the history of USGO! Close behind him were last year’s National Junior Varsity champion Abhinav Kurada of the Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough with a 98 as the top JV score, and Maanas Nakala of Westford Academy who scored a 97 in the Varsity. Great job all around!
Please also note that the higher difficulty doesn’t have any bearing on Nationals qualifying, as students are all competing to be in the top half, whether Nationally or at their test site. For what it’s worth, the B Set version will be somewhat easier in order to compensate for the higher difficulty on C Set.