With the inaugural National Championships less than 6 weeks away, we have posted the question distribution for the Multi-Media multiple choice Exam and Geography Quiz Bowl Tournament portions of the National Championships. These can be accessed by clicking on the “Nationals” tab above and scrolling down the page. The distribution for the Short Answer Exam, as well as sample questions for all 3 portions, and some suggested study materials will be posted by the end of March.
In other news, congratulations to Varun Wadhwa of The Charter School of Wilmington (Wilmington, DE) for a 97 – the highest Varsity score to date, on the B set version of the Qualifying Exam! We will post the official National median scores for all 3 versions of the Exam, and contact all students (through their schools) who didn’t automatically qualify but had a higher score than the National median on their version of the Exam (and thus qualify that way) by March 25.