Welcome to the 2014 United States Geography Olympiad National Championships! Click through on the USGO logo on the left if you are looking at the homepage to access the draws. Please note: your Round 1 room is the same room as your Exam room! Please by in or outside your Exam room by 4:30-4:45. Please be back in your Quizbowl room by 7:25-7:40. The Exam will begin exactly at 5:00pm. There is otherwise NO formal check in process! For help, email help@historybowl.com (including for USGO) or call 202-352-4742, or go to the help desk at the top of the hotel escalator. All rooms are at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. Do NOT go to the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington (this is a separate hotel, even though the Crystal Gateway Marriott is also in the Crystal City complex). Good luck!

Draws & Scheduling for 2014 Nationals