Results for the US Geography Olympiad’s Middle School and Elementary National Championships are now available here (if you are reading this on the homepage, click the headline to access the post where the link is active).

Congratulations to our National Champions!

8th Grade: Srikrishna Darbha, Texas
7th Grade: Siddardh Budamagunta, North Carolina
6th Grade: Bianca Joaquin, Illinois
5th Grade: Lee Balkcom, Florida
4th Grade and Younger: Marc A. Lindemann Jr., New York

Final rankings have been added for all 8th grade and 7th grade students; final rankings for the remaining 3 classifications will be available on Wednesday, though scores for all exam components have been up since Monday morning.
Thanks for your support and patience with the results! With 600+ students, it has been a new experience for us to sort through the volume of results generated. Last year’s competition had about 1/5 the number of competing students, so we will know next year how to not only quickly grade (all the grading was finished on Sunday), but also upload the results as well.