Regionals for the Middle School and Elementary School Divisions

For 2022-2023, there is no Regional stage for the Middle and Elementary School Divisions of the US Geography Championships. To qualify for Nationals in the USGC, all a student needs to do is pass the Online Regional Qualifying Exam in Geography. The ORQE is a 50 question multiple choice exam that is free to take. Students receive 2 points for a correct answer, zero points for an answer left blank or an incorrect answer (there are no negative points for incorrect answers for the 2022-2023 academic year on the Middle or Elementary School ORQE). Students have 20 minutes to take the Exam.

Students can register to take the ORQE here starting now through April 15, 2023.

Middle/Elementary students may also qualify for the 2023 USGC Junior Varsity National Championships by qualifying on the A, B, or C Set version of the National Qualifying Exam. Please note that qualifying for the JV Nationals Championships does not automatically qualify a student for the Middle/Elementary National Championships, and vice versa.

The cost of the Qualifying Exam is $10 if you preregister for an onsite competition, or if you take it online. If you pay for the exam on site it’s $15. Visit this website for more information regarding taking the exam.

Sample Exams & Answer KeysClick here to find sample Qualifying Exam questions and answers for the Middle School & Elementary Divisions