2015 Middle School & Elementary Division National Championships Results

Congratulations to John Phipps of Middlesex Middle School in Darien, CT and to Rohil Bhinge of Nysmith School in Herndon, VA for being the respective Middle School and Elementary 2015 US Geography Olympiad National Champions! Full results of our 2015 Middle School and Elementary National Championships are now available.

National Qualifying Exam Results

Official National Median Scores

The Official National Median Scores for all Middle School and Elementary versions of the USGO National Qualifying Exam have been calculated and are posted below. If you score exactly at or above these values, then you qualify for the USGO National Championships automatically. We will be getting in touch soon with students whose scores on the NQE did not qualify them originally for Nationals, but did end up above the National Median for their version of the Exam within their division, and hence qualify now.

Middle School
D1 – 29.5
D2 – 34
D3 – 32.5
D4 – 27
E – 35

D1 – 25
D2 – 16
D3 – 16
D4 – 25
E – 24