Below you will find a list of all students who have taken the United States Geography Olympiad Qualifying Exam at the Elementary level in the 2014-2015 season.

Students who have qualified for the National Championships in Louisville, KY on May 22, 2015 will have a “Yes” in the “Qualified?” column. This “Yes” will be followed by either “Auto” or “Median“.
More information on how qualification works can be found here.

–Students may be listed twice if they have taken more than one version of the exam.
–Students in the Elementary History Bee were issued one of the D version exams (D-1, D-2, D-3, or D-4) corresponding to the round in which they were assigned a bye at that tournament. Students are not eligible to take more than one version of the D set.
–Students who competed in a Middle School History Bowl tournament were issued the E version of the exam.

Please note that name and school information was taken directly from the students’ answer form, so misspellings are possible.

This table was last updated on 5/6.


All sites have been entered.

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Gabriel GuruleSt. CharlesAlbuquerque7NoD-1
Michael ParrinoSt. CharlesAlbuquerque19Yes- AutoD-1
Andrew PietkiewiczKittredgeAtlanta45Yes - AutoD-2
Aryan ShahMedlock BridgeAtlanta40Yes - AutoD-3
Carson ForkeyMedlock BridgeAtlanta22NoD-4
Connor StalheimMedlock BridgeAtlanta28Yes - AutoD-4
Dhruv AnandWebb BridgeAtlanta34Yes - AutoD-2
Diona UlmerMunfordAtlanta1NoD-3
Elisabeth DuggarMidtownAtlanta37Yes - AutoD-2
Emma Catherine DuggarMidtown ClassicalAtlanta9NoD-4
EthanHomeschooledAtlanta44Yes - AutoD-4
Farnaz KhandakerCornerstoneAtlanta22NoD-4
Jackson StiltnerMedlock BridgeAtlanta34Yes - AutoD-2
Jaiden TurnerMunfordAtlanta10NoD-2
Josh EllisRock QuarryAtlanta24Yes - MedianD-2
Madelyn DuggarMidtown ClassicalAtlanta42Yes - AutoD-3
Margaret CoxWalkerAtlanta22Yes - MedianD-3
Medhini AnandLake WindwardAtlanta28Yes - MedianD-2
Nishanth AramugamLake WindwardAtlanta34Yes - AutoD-3
Robert MunizMidtown ClassicalAtlanta52Yes - AutoD-3
Sinclair FranzMidtown ClassicalAtlanta4NoD-3
Student H224Mossy CreekAtlanta41Yes - AutoD-4
Tommy YoderCorem Deo ClassicalAtlanta43Yes - AutoD-4
Tristan RapponLake WindwardAtlanta31Yes - AutoD-4
Yazan al-WazaniLake WindwardAtlanta46Yes - AutoD-2
Zoya GoelWalkerAtlanta0NoD-3
Alfonzie StepneyRedeemer LutheranAustin58Yes- AutoD-4
Daniel KonathamHarmony ScienceAustin22NoD-4
Emma GuanCedar Creek ElemAustin32Yes- AutoD-4
Johnny MiriHoly Family CatholicAustin32Yes- AutoD-4
Jose CancelMemorial ChristianAustin10NoD-4
Katie MiriHoly Family CatholicAustin38Yes- AutoD-4
Nevin HallCCSISAustin23NoD-4
Sudiksha PradhanHarmony ScienceAustin25Yes- MedianD-4
Tushar BhagawatulaHSPSAustin57Yes- AutoD-4
Adam HermannHomeschoolBaltimore33Yes - AutoD-2
Anna GreenSeven River MSBaltimore19Yes - AutoD-2
Anthony DuanBurleigh Manor Middle SchoolBaltimore58Yes - AutoD-2
Burke, graceOur lady of GraceBaltimore8NoD-2
Gendron, BridgitteOur lady of GraceBaltimore8NoD-2
Kate GaynorSaint John's RegionalBaltimore22Yes - AutoD-2
Matt CsiszarSt. Johns regional Catholic SchoolBaltimore1NoD-2
Phillips, EllaSevern River Middle SchoolBaltimore19Yes - AutoD-2
Radebaugh, EmmaOur lady of GraceBaltimore16Yes - MedianD-2
Sebastian CarazoSt. John regional CatholicBaltimore15NoD-2
Thomas, EmilyOur lady of GraceBaltimore22Yes - AutoD-2
Cameron PilneyRPEBaton Rouge41Yes- AutoD-1
Christian ThompsonSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge43Yes- AutoD-4
Conner GravesSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge22Yes- AutoD-2
Emma SewellEmerald CoastBaton Rouge13NoD-4
Eric PlunkEmerald CoastBaton Rouge16Yes- AutoD-2
Ethan CrumpBayou View ElemBaton Rouge-2NoD-2
Ethan LaBeauPass Road ElemBaton Rouge6NoD-2
Jadyn AlfatahRiver Oaks ElemBaton Rouge1NoD-3
Jason IsertRiver Oaks ElementaryBaton Rouge17NoD-1
Landon MillerBayou View ElemBaton Rouge16Yes- AutoD-3
Liam BreauxSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge16Yes- AutoD-3
Mia AinsworthSt. DominicBaton Rouge12NoD-3
Natalie MacalusoSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge39Yes- AutoD-1
Nicolas SirmansEmerald CoastBaton Rouge22Yes- AutoD-2
Steven DeCesareGulf BreezeBaton Rouge22Yes- AutoD-2
William KittoSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge17NoD-1
William ZarskeBayou View ElemBaton Rouge-11NoD-2
Bard, AaronBangor ChristianBoston8NoD-2
Dunn, SamFoster ElementaryBoston49Yes - AutoD-2
Germain, EliRising Tide Public CharterBoston41Yes - AutoD-2
Lewis, KyleBangor ChristianBoston5NoD-2
Neil St. JohnBangor Christian SchoolsBoston28Yes - AutoD-2
Padmanabhan, DhruvMemorial SpauldingBoston42Yes - AutoD-2
Rainovic, JelenaBicentennial Elementary SchoolBoston60Yes - AutoD-2
Reed, EliBangor ChristianBoston13NoD-2
Silva, DeBISBBoston26Yes - MedianD-2
Aalok BhattacharyaLong Lots Elementary SchoolBridgeport33Yes - AutoD-1
Aaron DavisBethlehemBridgeport43Yes - AutoD-1
Buckley, HoldenPeirsonBridgeport1NoD-4
Carlson, AlexEdna Louise Spear Elementary SchoolBridgeport4NoD-4
Drugge, FrankMiddlesex MiddleBridgeport47Yes - AutoD-3
Dylan StewartCarmen AraceBridgeport7NoD-1
Emma PowersAberham PiersonBridgeport0noD-1
Fitzgerald, IanWhisconier Middle SchoolBridgeport58Yes - AutoD-4
Gendrich, KatieIDSBridgeport21Yes - AutoD-3
Held, AaronPort Jefferson Middle SchoolBridgeport49Yes - AutoD-2
Ishaan RadiaHomeschooledBridgeport52Yes - AutoD-1
Julia TannerAbraham PeirsonBridgeport4noD-1
K'ota, SaihariFrenchtown Elementary SchoolBridgeport7NoD-2
Remmes, SerenaPiersonBridgeport7NoD-2
Sharma, JayColumbus Magnet SchoolBridgeport37Yes - AutoD-2
Sylvester, BraydenWhisconier Middle SchoolBridgeport31Yes - AutoD-4
Therattil, AnjoCider Mill SchoolBridgeport28Yes - AutoD-4
Viens, SophiaEdna Louisa Spear ElementaryBridgeport28Yes - MedianD-2
Yu, BrandonParkway ElementaryBridgeport61Yes - AutoD-2
Benjamin SiegalHomeschoolCharlotte25Yes- MedianD-4
Henry LytleAsheville CatholicCharlotte1NoD-4
John McDowellVeritas PrepCharlotte34Yes- AutoD-4
Matthew CongiustaRogers-HerrCharlotte36Yes- AutoD-4
Spencer ArndtAsheville CatholicCharlotte26Yes- AutoD-4
Vedant ChanshettyMetrolina Regional Scholars AcademyCharlotte24Yes- AutoE
Aayush DixitDaniel WrightChicago25Yes - MedianE
Praneet RathiDaniel WrightChicago67Yes - AutoE
Aidan BlashePrince of PeaceChicago North13NoD-3
Caleb JensenSt. Mark's WatertownChicago North31Yes - AutoD-3
Chadrick GSt. Therese Chinese CatholicChicago North-16NoD-4
Katelyn SchumacherSt. Therese Chinese CaholicChicago North14NoD-3
Liam GallupEast PrairieChicago North38Yes - AutoD-3
Logan BrockLake CountryChicago North4NoD-3
Mitchell ______K12Chicago North31Yes - AutoD-3
Praneet RathiDaniel WrightChicago North55Yes - AutoD-3
Psalm DeVeraEast PrairieChicago North16Yes - AutoD-4
Vedant RathiHalf Day SchoolChicago North43Yes - AutoD-3
Vincent PiEast PrairieChicago North14Yes - AutoD-4
Will WarnerSeymourChicago North0NoD-4
Anna WoottonParkerChicago West25Yes - AutoD-4
Colin FlueckMcClureChicago West23NoD-4
Cooper RohKeithChicago West49Yes - AutoD-4
Daniel KielyMcClureChicago West25Yes - AutoD-4
Kodai SpeichThurgood MarshallChicago West37Yes - AutoD-4
Kyle FeldkampSt. Pius XChicago West25Yes - AutoD-4
Olivia SclrillingMcClureChicago West18NoD-4
Rhea ShahKeith Country Day SchoolChicago West18NoD-4
Will DuffMcClureChicago West13NoD-4
John WardJohn AdamsColumbus50Yes - AutoD-4
Sohan KukkillayaMountaineer MontessoriColumbus25Yes - MedianD-1
Varun SathyajeethWestern RowColumbus52Yes - AutoD-1
Will GossardNativityColumbus40Yes -MedianD-4
Jathin DesarRoach MiddleDallas37Yes- AutoD-4
John LittleWestwood MontessoriDallas28Yes- AutoD-4
Matthew SpiveyAdkins ElemDallas-2Yes- AutoD-3
Pranav PattatathunaduvilRice MiddleDallas43Yes- AutoD-4
Pranav VeeraMaus MiddleDallas6NoD-4
Ryan SchroederThe Westwood SchoolDallas22NoD-4
Hannah WalkerChadronDenver30Yes- AutoD-4
Jacob PomeranteDenver JewishDenver18Yes- MedianD-3
Jonathan KochaviDenver JewishDenver34Yes- AutoD-3
Josh FleischnerDenver JewishDenver43Yes- AutoD-3
Kayley GralbroithChadronDenver10NoD-4
Krysten MeyerHigh Country HomeschoolDenver18Yes- AutoD-4
Emma HarrisClarindaDes Moines1NoD-4
Marshall SeversonNorrisDes Moines49Yes - AutoD-4
Ryan SchimannArlingtonDes Moines25Yes - AutoD-4
Avon FoxelshsSt. Patrick's PortlandDetroit38Yes - AutoD-4
Daniel LiuSmithDetroit38Yes - AutoD-4
Joseph JacobsCommunion of SaintsDetroit15NoD-4
Joshua YuLighthouseDetroit21NoD-4
Magdalena YoderAssumption AcademyDetroit13NoD-4
Megan LaRoyTriumphDetroit30Yes - AutoD-4
Raksha SridharanOrchard LakeDetroit28Yes - AutoD-4
Andrew WeaverCushman SchoolFort Lauderdale28Yes- AutoD-4
Fiona CliffordCushman SchoolFort Lauderdale10NoD-4
Michael EvardWeiss SchoolFort Lauderdale10NoD-4
Savanna HardySt. Lucie WestFort Lauderdale17Yes- AutoD-4
Didi DassHarmony School of ExcellenceHouston32Yes- MedianD-3
Enzo CunananTrinity PreparatoryHouston43Yes- AutoD-4
Fabian FernandezImmanuel LutheranHouston25Yes- MedianD-4
Henry HuschkeTrinity PreparatoryHouston55Yes- AutoD-4
James KleinTrinity LutheranHouston56Yes- AutoD-3
John BlomquistImmanuel LutheranHouston33Yes- AutoD-4
Nicole HirtTabernacle ChristianHouston16NoD-4
Norah FlahertyHoly FamilyHouston-1NoD-4
ReamoneCox IntermediateHouston21Yes- MedianD-3
SamuelHarmony School of ExcellenceHouston44Yes- AutoD-3
Abigail MaurerHomeschoolIndianapolis10NoD-4
Brendan BurkeNorth RidgeIndianapolis13NoD-4
Caleb CampbellNorth RidgeIndianapolis27Yes - AutoD-4
Luke BraunSaint Joe HessenIndianapolis17Yes - AutoD-4
Samuel MaurerNot givenIndianapolis15NoD-4
Wyatt HanawayHomeschooledIndianapolis22Yes - AutoD-4
Xitally BonillaNorth RidgeIndianapolis40Yes - AutoD-4
Deven AschaffSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas13NoD-4
Dylan FritzSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas40Yes - AutoD-4
Eshaan VakilHyde ParkLas Vegas49Yes - AutoD-4
Ian EllsworthSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas9NoD-4
Jonas DeNerioSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas25Yes - AutoD-4
Jonathan VannaySouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas11NoD-4
Kristin CanlapanJack Lund SchofieldLas Vegas7NoD-4
Millan GledhillRoy West MartinLas Vegas34Yes - AutoD-4
No name givenRoy MartinLas Vegas34Yes - AutoD-4
"Grant" SterchiTate'sLexington10NoD-4
Addie WilsonNorthernLexington18Yes - MedianD-2
Camden MackeyCorbinLexington18Yes - MedianD-3
Deacon BrockCorbinLexington22Yes - AutoD-3
Gus BodenLouisville CollegiateLexington40Yes - AutoD-2
Hank StandaertTate'sLexington-4NoD-2
Jack KennedySpencer CountyLexington40Yes - AutoD-2
Jack PerkinsCamp GroundLexington28Yes - AutoD-4
Jack WilliamsTate'sLexington4NoD-3
Jackson ChildersBoyd CountyLexington10NoD-2
Jackson DavisBoyd CountyLexington19Yes - MedianD-2
Jacob MoloyNorth OldhamLexington33Yes - MedianD-1
Lilly WeibelSCESLexington10NoD-3
Lindsay WhitakerSayre SchoolLexington28Yes - AutoD-3
Malhaar NairWinburnLexington32Yes - AutoD-2
Nicholas UnderwoodTate's SchoolLexington20Yes - AutoD-4
Sahil SheikWestridgeLexington28Yes - MedianD-1
Sam ArnoldLouisville CollegiateLexington21Yes - AutoD-2
Samuel LeveridgeRussell CountyLexington49Yes - AutoD-1
Shelbie BlackNorthernLexington34Yes - MedianD-1
Vivek ChariNorth OldhamLexington50Yes - AutoD-1
Will MarsdenSayre SchoolLexington38Yes - AutoD-3
Will PraterBoyd CountyLexington31Yes - AutoD-3
Zacarias NegronHomeschoolLexington46Yes - AutoD-1
Christopher WalbridgeHarbor DayLos Angeles10NoD-4
Jacqueline McNeillHarbor DayLos Angeles24Yes - AutoD-4
Jean WanlassHarbor DayLos Angeles28Yes - AutoD-4
Nathaniel KangGrace ClassicalLos Angeles40Yes - AutoD-4
Paulo RiveraUrban Discovery AcademyLos Angeles16NoD-4
Tyler EvansCavaLos Angeles18NoD-4
Vivek VijayakumarSan ElioLos Angeles64Yes - AutoD-4
Anshu PalleGermantownMemphis10NoD-4
Bella LeggettLausanne CollegiateMemphis19Yes - AutoD-4
Joshua GillHowell ValleyMemphis16Yes - AutoD-4
Marcy WallaceHarrisburgMemphis20Yes - AutoD-4
No NameHoustonMemphis1NoD-4
Yusuf MannanPleasant View SchoolMemphis12NoD-4
Zahra ChowdhuryPleasant ValleyMemphis22Yes - AutoD-4
Clare McIntyreSt. Mark'sMinneapolis10NoD-4
Elizabeth SpiegelhoffWorthingtonMinneapolis-2NoD-4
Emma HansenWorthingtonMinneapolis21NoD-4
Evan OdegardNova ClassicalMinneapolis64Yes - AutoD-4
Jenna HoffmanWorthingtonMinneapolis6NoD-4
Mild DuWorthingtonMinneapolis8NoD-4
Patrick DeavelNova ClassicalMinneapolis31Yes - AutoD-4
Rishi RaghavapudiChippewaMinneapolis24Yes - AutoD-4
Rosie MelgozaWorthingtonMinneapolis26Yes - AutoD-4
Shardul RaoChippewaMinneapolis46Yes - AutoD-4
Zack SchulteChippewaMinneapolis39Yes - AutoD-4
Anna HuberOverbrookNashville12NoD-4
Benjamin SuttonChrist the KingNashville34Yes - AutoD-4
Eric EastmanBowling GreenNashville25Yes - AutoD-4
Patrick LaufenbergBowling GreenNashville24Yes - AutoD-4
Steven WrightL. E. WilsonNashville-2NoD-4
TIm HeldHomeschoolNashville49Yes - AutoD-4
Zach ThrasherL.E. WIlsonNashville9NoD-4
Andy VillamarinSt. Peter's SchoolNew York16Yes - MedianD-2
Arrazcaeta, RyanCacordaire AcademyNew York1NoD-2
Butcher, TimothyMarshall HillNew York40Yes - AutoD-2
Clinton, CollinWestbrookNew York16NoD-4
Friedman, MatthewN/ANew York24NoD-4
Gadner, Vincent#5New York25Yes - MedianD-3
Gangeddula, NishtaCedar Hill PrepNew York38Yes - AutoD-2
Jacobowitz, EmeryLeonia Middle SexNew York47Yes - AutoD-3
Jones, JohnParadise KnollNew York31Yes - AutoD-4
Kraus, AnnaFlorence A. SmithNew York21Yes - MedianD-3
Kumaran, ArchanaBMP Ridge Street SchoolNew York30Yes - AutoD-3
Malatak, AkselWestbrookNew York34Yes - AutoD-4
Mantha, NivrittiCedar Hill PrepNew York1NoD-4
Mapitigama, LasalCavallini Middle SchoolNew York50Yes - AutoD-3
Mapitigama, LasalCavallini Middle SchoolNew York34Yes - AutoD-4
Maseyah, BenOceanside SchoolNew York23Yes - MedianD-3
McDonald, JeffersonTPSNew York26Yes - AutoD-2
O'Brien, JosephineOceansideNew York16NoD-4
Owen, JacksonMurray Avenue SchoolNew York64Yes - AutoD-3
Petrosillo, FrancescaMaple RoadNew York43Yes - AutoD-4
Reznik, RonaldSaw Mill Road SchoolNew York2NoD-2
Shaikh, YasirRazi SchoolNew York22Yes - AutoD-2
Sood, NilesCherry LaneNew York15NoD-2
Tang, KennyTuxedo Park SchoolNew York58Yes - AutoD-4
Weinstein, JacksonBMP Ridge Street SchoolNew York32Yes - AutoD-2
Enzo CunananTrinity PrepOrlando43Yes- AutoD-4
Fabian FernandezTabernacle ChristianOrlando25Yes- MedianD-4
Henry HuschkeTrinity PrepOrlando55Yes- AutoD-4
John BlomquistImmanuel LutheranOrlando33Yes- AutoD-4
Nicole HIrtILFOrlando16NoD-4
Norah FlahertyHoly FamilyOrlando-1NoD-4
Anthony HaysMoorestownPhiladelphia61Yes - AutoD-4
Chiacchio, NickChrist the King Regional SchoolPhiladelphia59Yes - AutoD-3
Ciresa, BlakeHMSPhiladelphia4NoD-3
Dougherty, OwenMonroe Township MiddlePhiladelphia18NoD-4
Duranton, AlexandraFrench internationational School of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia25Yes - MedianD-4
Ford, PeterJ.R. FugettPhiladelphia52Yes - AutoD-3
Korndoerfer, TJFredric A. PruffPhiladelphia16NoD-2
Kundu, AdrijaLincoln Elementary SchoolPhiladelphia25Yes - MedianD-1
Kuntz, MateoSt. Mary MagdalenPhiladelphia37Yes - AutoD-2
Lynch, LiamPleasant Valley SchoolPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-2
Noble, ColinPrinceton Friends SchoolPhiladelphia11NoD-3
Oltmanns, MaxFrench international School of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia22NoD-2
Raman, RishiGreat valley Middle SchoolPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-2
RickyHockessin MonsteriPhiladelphia28Yes - AutoD-4
Roshha, AlexanderPleasant ValleyPhiladelphia24Yes - AutoD-2
Suresh, NaveinSpring Ford intermediatePhiladelphia19Yes - AutoD-3
Venkatesh, AnirudhGood Hope Middle SchoolPhiladelphia57Yes - AutoD-1
Wood, KieferFrench international School of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia4NoD-2
Yang, TylerGreat Valley Middle SchoolPhiladelphia39Yes - AutoD-4
Andrew GiaonnettiSt. Michael's ParishPhoenix52Yes- AutoD-4
Andrew KimBASIS AhwatukeePhoenix15NoD-4
Arjun MoorthyBASIS ScottsdalePhoenix35Yes- AutoD-4
Claire DaleySt. DavidPhoenix5NoD-4
Julia DahlSt. DavidPhoenix11NoD-4
Kasan JacquezSt. DavidPhoenix19Yes- AutoD-4
Logan LuBASIS ScottsdalePhoenix25Yes- AutoD-4
Nikhil SureshBASIS ScottsdalePhoenix22Yes- AutoD-4
William MitchellALA San Tan ValleyPhoenix6NoD-4
Balaji AlagarHomeschoolPittsburgh44Yes - AutpD-4
Bobby RumcikKanePittsburgh19Yes - AutoD-1
Brady MudovTrinity ChristianPittsburgh28Yes - MedianD-4
Elijah BurtnerEagle ViewPittsburgh6NoD-4
Ian ComstockTrinity ChristianPittsburgh29Yes - AutoD-4
Malia CarterCharleroiPittsburgh55Yes - AutoD-4
Bodie MinorStollerPortland7NoD-4
Ethan M.HomeschoolPortland22NoD-4
Hanrui HuangStollerPortland41Yes - AutoD-4
IsaacSt. Mary'sPortland38Yes - AutoD-4
LanceVillage HomePortland25Yes - MedianD-4
Lane ParrishSt. Mary'sPortland42Yes - AutoE
Mackenzie MalsonWHCSPortland16NoD-4
Wenjan HouStollerPortland36Yes - MedianE
Wenjun HouStollerPortland47Yes - AutoD-4
Zach LallyFruitlandPortland26Yes - AutoD-4
Rohith MadhukerOak GroveProctored52Yes - MedianD-4
Samvrit RaoYantacaw SchoolProctored59Yes - MedianD-4
Bethany ThackaerayTimberlineSalt Lake City49Yes - AutoD-4
Emma FlatteryOrionSalt Lake City31Yes - AutoD-4
Evan JanisCopper MountainSalt Lake City13NoD-4
Hamilton LavihRobert Stuart Middle SchoolSalt Lake City22NoD-4
Zach BaileySouth Jordan Middle SchoolSalt Lake City25Yes - AutoD-4
Abdulhakim MoghaddamiHomeschoolSan Francisco9NoD-2
Aditya IndlaChallenger ArdenwoodSan Francisco52Yes- AutoD-2
Ahilan EramiyanLive OakSan Francisco58Yes- AutoD-2
Alexander GoldbergK12 Online SchoolSan Francisco44Yes- AutoD-2
Ananya Mahadevan-EHomeschoolSan Francisco55Yes - AutoD-1
Andrew MaAntelope CrossingSan Francisco10NoD-2
Bilal RonHomeschoolSan Francisco48Yes- AutoD-2
Bradley NallCava k12.comSan Francisco-10NoD-2
Devika RoshanStratford SchoolsSan Francisco30Yes- MedianD-2
Elia ChingChokmah AcademySan Francisco29Yes- MedianD-2
Eric XuBASIS Independent Silicon ValleySan Francisco41Yes- AutoD-2
Jackson ScarboroughProspect SierraSan Francisco33Yes - MedianD-1
Karan GarazadaBASIS Independent Silicon ValleySan Francisco57Yes- AutoD-2
Mihiv KinjawadekarGomes ElementarySan Francisco25Yes- MedianD-2
Nitya SunkadHarvest ParkSan Francisco40Yes- MedianD-2
Rajkumar RaghuramQuarry LaneSan Francisco10NoD-4
Romal MitrQuarry LaneSan Francisco52Yes - AutoD-4
Shiva OswalSilicon Valley HomeschoolSan Francisco52Yes- AutoD-2
Shreya RamachandranStratfordSan Francisco21Yes- MedianD-2
Siddharth KamanmarStratford PomeroySan Francisco55Yes- AutoD-2
Abby GraysonMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis12NoD-4
Jackson CarterWydownSt. Louis34Yes - AutoD-4
Kyle ClineMiller County R-3St. Louis13NoD-4
Maya JyothingaramMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis25Yes - AutoD-4
Rabya HasnainMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis23Yes - AutoD-4
Reanna MunjoyMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis16NoD-4
Sam LindseyHomeschooledSt. Louis46Yes - AutoD-4
Eli ShapiroParkSyracuse5NoD-4
Emma McDougalSandy CreekSyracuse34Yes - AutoD-4
Ethan BardeeIndependent Day SchoolSyracuse15NoD-4
Luke HasenwinkelEagle HillSyracuse46Yes - AutoD-4
Max TanEagle HillSyracuse36Yes - AutoD-4
Ryan JacobsonIndependent Day SchoolSyracuse18NoD-4
Andrew PattersonUnknownUnknown50Yes - MedianD-1
Akpinar, MustafaPinnacle AcademyWashington41Yes - AutoD-1
Akpinar, MustafaPinnacle AcademyWashington19Yes - MedianD-3
Bhinge, SamikMosby Woods ESWashington50Yes - AutoD-1
Bly, DylanFrederick County MiddleWashington44Yes - AutoD-1
Burks, EthanN/AWashington46Yes - AutoD-2
Caldwell, BenjaminN/AWashington24Yes - MedianD-3
Canady, MichaelN/AWashington21Yes - MedianD-2
Chandler, IsaacMillsboro MiddleWashington30Yes - MedianD-3
Cheatham, JackA.M. DavisWashington7NoD-1
Emerson, OwenFrederick County Public SchoolsWashington10NoD-2
Forys, MatthewFairfax Christian SchoolWashington49Yes - AutoD-1
Genett, DominicRobious Middle SchoolWashington48Yes - AutoD-1
Godaire, BenGVMSWashington43Yes - AutoD-3
Goldberg, TobyPyle Middle SchoolWashington41Yes - AutoD-1
Hannis, MacOur Savior lutheranWashington37Yes - AutoD-2
Howell, MasonIndian CreekWashington36Yes - MedianD-3
Kaashyap, AnuraagNysmithWashington31Yes - MedianD-1
Kanner-Bitetti, DamienSwanson MiddleWashington52Yes - AutoD-3
Khemka, AnujAshlawn ElementaryWashington45Yes - AutoD-3
Klein, DohaAM Davis ElementaryWashington26Yes - MedianD-1
Lucero, IsaiahA.M. DavisWashington25Yes - MedianD-1
Santos, DuFairfax Christian SchoolWashington22Yes - AutoD-2
Shah, NiyathiHunterswoods ElementaryWashington58Yes - AutoD-1
Smiltneks, CarolinaAshlawn ElementaryWashington31Yes - MedianD-1
Steele, EmberStonewall Jackson MiddleWashington31Yes - MedianD-1
Thrush, NathanielEastern MSWashington55Yes - AutoD-1
Ward, JustinNysmithWashington49Yes - AutoD-3
Wright, John PaulA.M. Davis ElementaryWashington2NoD-2
Brayden PhillipsArcadia Public SchoolsWichita10NoD-4
Bryson FettersWhittier MiddleWichita50Yes- AutoD-4
Cael LunneySanta Fe TrailWichita21NoD-4
Christopher BedrosManhattan Catholic SchoolsWichita7NoD-4
Cole ChandlerThe Independent SchoolWichita22Yes- AutoD-4
Hannah HecoxThe Independent SchoolWichita13NoD-4
Johanna YangThe Independent SchoolWichita31Yes- AutoD-4
Jordan BurksLongfellow MiddleWichita22Yes- AutoD-4
Kalu ObasiZion Lutheran SchoolWichita25Yes- AutoD-1
Thomas WilsonManhattan Catholic SchoolsWichita22Yes- AutoD-4