Below you will find a list of all students who have taken the United States Geography Olympiad Qualifying Exam at the Middle School level in the 2014-2015 season.

Students who have qualified for the National Championships in Louisville, KY on May 22, 2015 will have a “Yes” in the “Qualified?” column. This “Yes” will be followed by either “Auto” or “Median“.
More information on how qualification works can be found here.

–Students may be listed twice if they have taken more than one version of the exam.
–Students in the Middle School History Bee were issued one of the D version exams (D-1, D-2, D-3, or D-4) corresponding to the round in which they were assigned a bye at that tournament. Students are not eligible to take more than one version of the D set.
–Students who competed in a Middle School History Bowl tournament were issued the E version of the exam.

Please note that name and school information was taken directly from the students’ answer form, so misspellings are possible.

This table was last updated on 5/7. 

All sites have been entered.

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Andrew HughesMenaulAlbuquerque58Yes- AutoD-1
Andrew SanchezSt. Mary's AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque19NoD-1
Andrew SnyderSt. Mary's AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque40Yes- AutoD-1
John HansonSt. CharlesAlbuquerque19NoD-1
Louis GonzalesCortezAlbuquerque22Yes- AutoD-1
Noah BrooksSt. Mary's AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque38Yes- AutoD-1
Paul HansonSt. CharlesAlbuquerque10NoD-1
Paul RoybalSt. Mary's AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque31Yes- AutoD-1
Ricardo VargasRiversideAlbuquerque10NoD-1
Tyler BrownSt. CharlesAlbuquerque13NoD-1
Aaron DonaghyVickery CreekAtlanta26NoD-2
Abhay ChilakarnarriVickery CreekAtlanta55Yes - AutoD-4
Akaash ParaRiver TrailAtlanta61Yes - AutoD-1
Alejandro LimRiver TrailAtlanta70Yes - AutoD-4
Alex AvilaPike CountyAtlanta46Yes - MedianD-3
Alex KingNorthwesternAtlanta55Yes - AutoD-2
Ali ColaleogluWalkerAtlanta55Yes - AutoD-2
Alice BaiChambleeAtlanta56Yes - AutoD-3
Alicia RobertsWoodlandAtlanta28Yes - AutoD-2
Amber ClarkVickery CreekAtlanta21NoD-1
Analora ArensmanLakesideAtlanta1NoD-4
Anant RajanWalkerAtlanta45Yes - AutoD-1
Andrew D.King's RidgeAtlanta31Yes - MedianD-1
Andrew HenriksonKings RidgeAtlanta26NoD-2
Andy LuoRiver TrailAtlanta56Yes - AutoD-4
Anup BottuWestminsterAtlanta38Yes - MedianD-4
Ashrit JadaMcLeskeyAtlanta70Yes - AutoD-2
Benjamin BlanckChambleeAtlanta55Yes - AutoD-3
Brian GatesPike CountyAtlanta17NoD-4
Charlie MathisonHightower TrailAtlanta48Yes - AutoD-4
Charlton SullivanRock QuarryAtlanta58Yes - AutoD-1
Ejiah BrantRock QuarryAtlanta46Yes - AutoD-1
Foster CowanChambleeAtlanta61Yes - AutoD-2
Foster MichaelisAutrey MillAtlanta59Yes - AutoD-3
George EvansHightower TrailAtlanta43Yes - AutoD-4
Ian DavisCornerstoneAtlanta25NoD-3
Israel MasonPhillipsAtlanta19NoD-3
Jack SmithMossy CreekAtlanta28Yes - AutoD-2
Jackson CallisCornerstoneAtlanta23NoD-2
Jake BronziArnallAtlanta29Yes - MedianD-4
Jeremy PayneWalkerAtlanta23NoD-2
Jessiaca LaoRiver TrailAtlanta57Yes - AutoD-1
Jordyn GenoeLakesideAtlanta7NoD-2
Josiah HendersonArnallAtlanta29NoD-1
Joya PleasantPhillipsAtlanta37Yes - MedianD-1
Keshav SheneyHightower TrailAtlanta58Yes - AutoD-4
Luccas SharnHightower TrailAtlanta40Yes - AutoD-4
Matthew BisciottiKRISAtlanta1NoD-2
Matthew WrightLakesideAtlanta48Yes - AutoD-3
Mattias AndrewChambleeAtlanta56Yes - AutoD-4
Maya WrightArnallAtlanta43Yes - AutoD-2
Oran HurstLakesideAtlanta22NoD-4
Quinlan DonovanRock QuarryAtlanta39Yes - AutoD-2
Sam LehmannChambleeAtlanta62Yes - AutoD-2
Sonia DoshiWoodlandAtlanta40Yes - MedianD-1
Sumayia TaasnimJohn Herbert PhillipsAtlanta5NoD-2
Tevyn FudgeArnallAtlanta36Yes - MedianD-4
Timothy PhanMCMSAtlanta37Yes - MedianD-1
Varun VangalaRiver TrailAtlanta58Yes - AutoD-1
Ved JanakiVickery CreekAtlanta31Yes - MedianD-4
Alexandros PaulsonGorzyckiAustin39Yes- MedianD-1
Arushi HarkawatHarmony ScienceAustin13NoD-4
Ashish JacobLaurel Mountain ElementaryAustin55Yes- AutoD-1
Brandon ShaemanCanyon Ridge MiddleAustin40Yes- AutoD-2
Brian GarrettSt. George EpiscopalAustin31Yes- MedianD-1
Christian SotoUnited Day SchoolAustin25Yes- AutoD-4
David StoutGorzyckiAustin45Yes- AutoD-3
Francisco PinedaHarmony School of ScienceAustin-6NoD-2
Hannah TaylorSt. George EpiscopalAustin28Yes- AutoD-3
Hollins RandolphSt. StephensAustin55Yes- AutoD-1
Hugo GonzalezHarmony ScienceAustin8NoD-4
Jack PaulUnited Day SchoolAustin-5NoD-4
John GilpinUnited Day SchoolAustin32Yes- MedianD-1
Jonathan ShoemakerHoly Family CatholicAustin47Yes- AutoD-1
Juan JimenezUnited Day SchoolAustin14NoD-3
Kyrah GlazeMemorial Christian AcademyAustin9NoD-3
Matthew TeaderCanyon RidgeAustin28Yes- AutoD-3
Max ForbesHoly Family CatholicAustin24Yes- AutoD-4
Nathan FrenchHoly Family CatholicAustin18Yes- AutoD-4
Nicholas SolanoHarmony School of ScienceAustin19Yes- AutoD-2
Siddart PuthankattilHarmony School of ScienceAustin19Yes- AutoD-2
Tyler SmithGorzyckiAustin8NoD-3
Victor JuarezSt. George EpiscopalAustin10NoD-2
Aaron MerrielDallastown AreaBaltimore38Yes - AutoD-2
Abbas, GianaSt. Joseph SchoolBaltimore27NoD-3
Abby MillerOur Lady of GraceBaltimore53Yes - AutoD-1
Aidan RondSevern River MiddleBaltimore36Yes - MedianD-2
Alli, DanielCatonsville Middle SchoolBaltimore40Yes - AutoD-4
Anne LawrenceSpring Grove MSBaltimore30Yes - MedianD-1
Assasie, ZoeUrbana Middle SchoolBaltimore40Yes - AutoD-4
Beinstein, HenryDallastown Middle SchoolBaltimore34Yes - AutoD-3
Berryman, GabrielleCatonsville MiddleBaltimore39Yes - AutoD-4
Capper, LukeSt. Joseph SchoolBaltimore67Yes - AutoD-3
Carron, AdamCatonsville Middle SchoolBaltimore28Yes - AutoD-4
Casimir PozzeckiOur Lady of GraceBaltimore52Yes - AutoD-2
Christopher DelgadiGlenela Country SchoolBaltimore63Yes - AutoD-1
Connor CoyleSt. JosephBaltimore55Yes - AutoD-2
Crites, ElizabethMilton Middle SchoolBaltimore4NoD-4
Drew BinkleyDallastown AreaBaltimore31NoD-2
Eric ZhuMount View MSBaltimore30Yes - MedianD-1
Etter, IsabelleSpring GroveBaltimore8NoD-4
Eylie SasajimaSpring Grove Middle SchoolBaltimore31Yes - MedianD-1
Gaynon, JaredMilton MiddleBaltimore40Yes - AutoD-3
Goolsby, CaioBMMSBaltimore37Yes - AutoD-4
Grace GoodSpring Grove MSBaltimore25NoD-1
Haiden DeBerryMiltonBaltimore15NoD-2
Ian MillerCatonsvilleBaltimore44Yes - AutoD-2
Jeffrey LiGlenals Country SchoolBaltimore49Yes - AutoD-1
John deSotoOur Lady of GraceBaltimore46Yes - AutoD-1
Joshua YuUrbana Middle SchoolBaltimore19NoD-4
Knox, AdamBurleigh ManorBaltimore43Yes - AutoD-3
Kurtz, MattMiltonBaltimore3NoD-3
Larson, ColeDallastown MiddleBaltimore24NoD-3
Liam PfisterSevern River MiddleBaltimore37Yes - AutoD-1
Meitzler, TristanGlenelg Country SchoolBaltimore58Yes - AutoD-4
Minogue, MatthewOur lady of GraceBaltimore28Yes - AutoD-4
Nate ArmstrongGrace AcademyBaltimore19NoD-1
Newell, KieranBMMSBaltimore14NoD-4
Peter WilschkeBurleigh ManorBaltimore26NoD-2
Rachel WashartSt. John regional Catholic SchoolBaltimore34Yes - AutoD-1
Rak, OliviaOur lady of GraceBaltimore19NoD-4
Salus, HaleySt. Joseph SchoolBaltimore21NoD-4
Thomas FrazierSt. John Regional Catholicc SchoolBaltimore28NoD-1
Alex BurkeD'Iberville MiddleBaton Rouge9NoD-3
Brady DuplessisLake MiddleBaton Rouge20Yes- AutoD-2
Brennan PrinceD'IbervilleBaton Rouge11NoD-2
Catherine BickertonSt. DominicBaton Rouge43Yes- AutoD-4
Daniel SimmonsWinnfield MiddleBaton Rouge58Yes- AutoD-1
David EllisonSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge18Yes- AutoD-2
Dylan YontsWinnfield MiddleBaton Rouge22NoD-1
Emily HeberyLake ElemBaton Rouge2NoD-3
Emma VinesWinnfield MiddleBaton Rouge30Yes- AutoD-1
Hannah HummelSherwood MiddleBaton Rouge25Yes- AutoD-1
Houston NorrisFairhope MiddleBaton Rouge55Yes- AutoD-1
Hudson DefeeFairhope MiddleBaton Rouge45Yes- AutoD-1
Jacob WolfeFairhopeBaton Rouge52Yes- AutoD-2
Jake ElliottSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge31Yes- AutoD-3
Jordan GriderSts. Leo-Seton CatholicBaton Rouge35Yes- AutoD-3
Kevin OubreSt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge33Yes- AutoD-3
Kira Quinn MorrisonGulf BreezeBaton Rouge22Yes- AutoD-4
Mason TregreSherwood MiddleBaton Rouge37Yes- AutoD-1
Matthew LoveSherwood MiddleBaton Rouge11NoD-4
Michael MorganSt. Leo-SetonBaton Rouge13NoD-1
Molly AlexanderSt. DominicBaton Rouge17NoD-4
Nathan PicardD'Iberville MiddleBaton Rouge12NoD-1
Nick KaushalFountainbleau Junior HighBaton Rouge49Yes- AutoD-1
Paul SniderGulf BreezeBaton Rouge32Yes- AutoD-2
Pete McGriffFairhopeBaton Rouge29NoD-3
Quentin FieldsWinnfield MiddleBaton Rouge17NoD-4
Rachel CastanedaD'Iberville MiddleBaton Rouge42Yes- AutoD-1
Raegan NguyenLake MiddleBaton Rouge10NoD-2
Rahul RamarajuGlasgow MiddleBaton Rouge36Yes- AutoD-1
Reid HarwellGulf BreezeBaton Rouge28Yes- AutoD-4
Robert ChumbleySherwood MiddleBaton Rouge19NoD-1
Santos GonzalezSherwood MiddleBaton Rouge43Yes- AutoD-4
Sean KennedySt. Jude the ApostleBaton Rouge24Yes- AutoD-4
Sophie HebertOur Lady of Prompt SuccorBaton Rouge17NoD-1
Stan MeltonSts. Leo-Seton CatholicBaton Rouge37Yes- AutoD-3
Tayler HooperLake ElementaryBaton Rouge7NoD-1
Tuong TranD'Iberville MiddleBaton Rouge15NoD-2
Warren WegenerFairhopeBaton Rouge20NoD-4
Waylon YuhasCausey MiddleBaton Rouge10NoD-1
Acosta, MalissaRiverside MiddleBoston5NoD-2
Andrian, vonBISBBoston40Yes - AutoD-2
Bhatti, RahmanBB&NBoston27NoD-2
Buchalski, MadysonSt. Elizabeth SetonBoston28NoD-2
Cline, EthanCurgio Bedford NHBoston30NoD-3
Cona, AmandaSIRMSBoston12NoD-2
Curl, WesleyMelrose Veterans Memorial Middle schoolBoston40Yes - AutoD-2
DaCosta, ZacharySt. Margaret SchoolBoston2NoD-2
Daly, IsabellaCATABoston22NoD-3
Datta, SamihaBuckinham Browre & NicholsBoston47Yes - AutoD-2
Guerra, PedroPelnam Memorial SchoolBoston29NoD-2
Gyurcsan, IzabellaSt. Elizabeth SetonBoston31NoD-2
Hamad, MahdiThe Islamic Academy for PeaceBoston36Yes - MedianD-2
Holmes, JakeSilver Lake Middle SchoolBoston43Yes - AutoD-3
Hong, ChangyuanBuckingham Browne & NicholesBoston38Yes - AutoD-3
Isabella PoschmannRoss A Lurgio Middle SchoolBoston31Yes - MedianD-1
John ArsenaultLynnfield Middle SchoolBoston59Yes - AutoD-1
Jonnalagadda, SakethStony Brook Middle SchoolBoston68Yes - AutoD-2
Kalpande, ArushiNashua Catholic Regional Jr. HSBoston45Yes - AutoD-2
Kathryn BraysonBanger Christian SchoolBoston11NoD-1
Kayla CampbellSacred Heart AcademyBoston35Yes - AutoD-1
Keld, ChristopherPelham MemorialBoston43Yes - AutoD-2
Lambert, RalphSacred Heart SchoolBoston15NoD-3
Lehman, AdamMelrose MiddleBoston36Yes - AutoD-3
Loque, AndrewBritish International School of BostonBoston41Yes - AutoD-2
Loureiro, AshleyGilford Middle SchoolBoston22NoD-2
Mahmoud, AbouThe Islamic AcademyBoston33Yes - AutoD-3
Maloney, AidanRising Tide Charter PublicBoston47Yes - AutoD-2
Mercer, SamGilford Middle SchoolBoston31NoD-3
Michael HowardSilver Lake Middle SchoolBoston41Yes - AutoD-1
Michaels, ThomasMelrose MiddleBoston28NoD-3
Moumina KhanThe Islamic AcademyBoston31Yes - MedianD-1
Nadkarni, SanaAustin Preperatory SchoolBoston56Yes - AutoD-2
Noah WhelpleyRising Tide Public Charter SchoolBoston49Yes - AutoD-1
Richardson, JamesGilford Middle SchoolBoston21NoD-2
Rommel, NicholasDiamond Middle SchoolBoston70Yes - AutoD-2
Ross, ElizabethNashua CatholicBoston43Yes - AutoD-3
Rudyalc, IlyaBritish International School of BostonBoston44Yes - AutoD-2
Rylee HermannSilver Lake Regional Middle SchoolBoston28NoD-1
Shepard, RobertLewiston Middle SchoolBoston40Yes - AutoD-3
Slagle, BrennerMelrose Veterans Memorial Middle SchoolBoston48Yes - AutoD-3
Stainbrook, CalebNewfound Memorial MiddleBoston19NoD-2
Tazik, WilliamSilver Lake Regional Middle SchoolBoston9NoD-2
Theodore, WilliamRoss A. Luigio Middle SchoolBoston40Yes - AutoD-2
Tuffile, CamdenN/ABoston13NoD-2
Turner, MirandaRiverside MiddleBoston7NoD-2
Veluri, PranavDoherty Middle SchoolBoston64Yes - AutoD-2
Walker, JamesRising Tide Charter SchoolBoston19NoD-3
Weller, EmmaRidge Avenue Upper ClassBoston29NoD-3
Weller, KatherineRindge Ave Upper CampusBoston44Yes - AutoD-2
Alannah ChernikThe Bridges AcademyBridgeport25NoD-1
Andrew LebowitzHarveyBridgeport61Yes - AutoD-1
Beqaj, EmmaThe Bridges AcademyBridgeport22NoD-4
Bhavsar, BarkhaRogers Park Middle SchoolBridgeport3NoD-4
Brehenbach, AlexThe Harvey SchoolBridgeport26Yes - AutoD-3
Brian GallegosWhisconierBridgeport61Yes - AutoD-1
Brody DanielsBethlehem CentralBridgeport52Yes - AutoD-1
Brown, ThomasMiddlesex Middle SchoolBridgeport61Yes - AutoD-3
Clay VaughanEast RidgeBridgeport37Yes - MedianD-1
Cohen, CameronPort Jefferson Middle SchoolBridgeport19NoD-4
Cooper, MatthewRippowam Cisqua SchoolBridgeport60Yes - AutoD-4
Derby, NicholasMiddlesex middle SchoolBridgeport64Yes - AutoD-2
Evan TongMiddlesexBridgeport67Yes - AutoD-1
Fitzgerald, TimothyN/ABridgeport19NoD-2
Hunter FairchildWhisconierBridgeport25NoD-1
Hylane, RobertDiscovery MagnetBridgeport25Yes - AutoD-4
James ErnstRippowamBridgeport58Yes - AutoD-1
Kibwe, N'kuluDiscovery MagnetBridgeport7NoD-2
Krishnan, RiyaMiddlesex MiddleBridgeport67Yes - AutoD-3
Landler, Katherineeastridge Middle SchoolBridgeport42Yes - AutoD-2
Lawrence, GeorgeRippowaim Cisqua SchoolBridgeport40Yes - MedianD-2
Leffhoine, LukeRodges Park Middle SchoolBridgeport20NoD-2
Lozovikas, CelinaRogers Park Middle SchoolBridgeport13NoD-3
Maher, JimmyBethlehem CentralBridgeport37Yes - AutoD-4
Malle, MadelaineThe Bridges AcademyBridgeport19NoD-3
Margalit Patry-MartinRippowamBridgeport43Yes - MedianD-1
Mohanraj, PrastikEngineering & ScienceBridgeport34Yes - AutoD-4
Morelock, ShaunHarveyBridgeport61Yes - AutoD-4
Nalawade, MayaMiddlesex middle SchoolBridgeport46Yes - AutoD-2
Naxton, Normanwhisconier Middle SchoolBridgeport19NoD-4
Ogy, ALexanderHarvey SchoolBridgeport37Yes - AutoD-4
Phipps, JohnMiddlesex Middle SchoolBridgeport64Yes - AutoD-4
Ragharan, SharanyanDiscovery MagnetBridgeport25NoD-3
Robbins, AndrewThe BridgeBridgeport19NoD-4
Rothchild, MattEast Shore Middle SchoolBridgeport7NoD-4
Sanath KumarThe Harvey SchoolBridgeport44Yes - AutoD-1
Shubanghy RagavanInterdistrict Discovery Magnet SchoolBridgeport31Yes - MedianD-1
Vesey, PatrickThe Bridges AcademyBridgeport46Yes - AutoD-2
William GreveRippowamBridgeport40Yes - MedianD-1
Athanrva AcharyaHammarskjoldCentral NJ52Yes- AutoE
Ben BakterReynoldsCentral NJ58Yes- AutoE
Nikhil KolachalamaReynoldsCentral NJ49Yes- MedianE
Simon CullLawrenceCentral NJ52Yes- AutoE
Abhimaryu SaileshDent MiddleCharlotte28NoD-2
Aidan JoyceQueen's Grant CommunityCharlotte41Yes- AutoD-2
AIdan KeaveneyRogers Herr MiddleCharlotte17NoD-1
Alex WIlhelmCharlotte PrepCharlotte32Yes- AutoD-1
Amal VermaDent MiddleCharlotte18NoD-4
Balen EbertLeague AcademyCharlotte40Yes- AutoD-4
Benjamin HarrisConcordia Christian DayCharlotte50Yes- AutoD-2
Blake TeagueQueen's GrantCharlotte22NoD-4
Braden SiegalCharlotte53Yes- AutoD-3
Brenden SlomkaCharlotte37Yes- AutoD-3
Caleb ClemonsNarrows HighCharlotte42Yes- AutoD-4
Calvin BlessingLeague AcademyCharlotte44Yes- AutoD-4
Cameron TaylorSt. Peter CatholicCharlotte52Yes- AutoD-2
Chandler CaulderNorth Central MiddleCharlotte23NoD-1
China GunterSt. Peter CatholicCharlotte43Yes- AutoD-2
Cole VenturaCharlotte25NoD-3
Cooper TrucksCharlotte49Yes- AutoD-3
Daniel VaynshteynCharlotte PrepCharlotte37Yes- AutoD-1
Elaijah LapaySt Peter's CatholicCharlotte53Yes- AutoD-4
Eliza PagelLeague AcademyCharlotte16NoD-4
Elizabeth McDowellVeritas PrepCharlotte49Yes- AutoD-2
Elkin ReedVeritas PrepCharlotte48Yes- AutoD-4
Frankie CahoonNarrows HighCharlotte31Yes- AutoD-1
Harrison PaulThomas Cano MiddleCharlotte16NoD-2
Haven BaileyConcordia Chrsitian DayCharlotte33Yes- AutoD-1
Jackson JeffcoatCharlotte38Yes- AutoD-3
Jazlynn BainesCCMSCharlotte2NoD-1
Jennifer WolfeConcordia Christian DayCharlotte34Yes- MedianD-4
Joseph BakitaHomeschoolCharlotte43Yes- AutoD-1
Justin EvangelistoQueen's Grant Community SchoolCharlotte51Yes- AutoD-1
Leah ShawCharlotte61Yes- AutoD-3
Liaa FernandezCharlotte37Yes- AutoD-3
Lucas MorrisMacy McClaughertyCharlotte22NoD-1
Mac VargaLeague AcademyCharlotte19NoD-2
Madelyn JakesCharlotte31NoD-3
Madison HamiltonColleton County MiddleCharlotte16NoD-1
Mahith EdulaCharlotte51Yes- AutoD-3
Matthew AndersenNorth CentralCharlotte7NoD-1
Mrinal ChanshettyMetrolina Regional Scholars AcademyCharlotte35Yes- AutoE
Nolan PhillipsMeadow Glen MiddleCharlotte46Yes- AutoD-1
Pranav GuntupalliDent MiddleCharlotte11NoD-1
Rohan JangalaMetrolina Regional Scholars AcademyCharlotte16NoD-2
Rowan BrownLeague AcademyCharlotte30NoD-2
Tarun PradeshCharlotte PrepCharlotte17NoD-3
Tracy ZhengProvidence Day SchoolCharlotte19NoD-1
Trevor PittsMetrolina Regional Scholars AcademyCharlotte58Yes- AutoD-1
Vikram KumarDent MiddleCharlotte29NoD-2
William D TrowbridgeMetrolina Regional Scholars AcademyCharlotte35Yes- MedianD-4
William DeHartConcordia Christian DayCharlotte37Yes- AutoD-2
William WebberCharlotte25NoD-3
Ani NuthalapatiAptakisicChicago42Yes - AutoE
Caden ChierLourdesChicago39Yes - MedianE
Daniel LeschinerHawthorn SouthChicago56Yes - AutoE
Dylan KonopLourdesChicago35Yes - MedianE
Govind PrabhakarAptakisicChicago64Yes - AutoE
Max LoGalboQuestChicago61Yes - AutoE
Meetir DixitDaniel WrightChicago41Yes - AutoE
Tor SwansonLourdesChicago25NoE
Zach JonothaLourdesChicago31NoE
Cesar SanchezSacred Heart 96thChicago Bowl45Yes - AutoD-2
Daniel ReyesSacred Heart 96thChicago Bowl-2NoD-2
Ekaterina LopezSacred Heart 96thChicago Bowl10Yes - AutoD-2
Iliana HernandezSacred Heart 96thChicago Bowl7NoD-2
Aayush DixitDaniel WrightChicago North5NoD-4
Abbey KwiatkowsiSaint Paul of the CrossChicago North19NoD-1
Abhilash RaghuramAptakisicChicago North43Yes- AutoD-3
Abhinav JanamanchiCardinal HeightsChicago North40Yes - AutoD-2
Abigail BarnumByron Center WestChicago North47Yes- AutoD-3
Aleks TrivanovicThomasChicago North40Yes - AutoD-2
Alex ArchieThomasChicago North59Yes - AutoD-4
Alex LockeByron Center WestChicago North46Yes - AutoD-2
Andrew BuchheimCardinal HeightsChicago North40Yes - AutoD-1
Andrew LeeEAGLE SchoolChicago North34Yes - MedianD-1
Andrew SilagiSouthChicago North40Yes - AutoD-3
Angela LeeElm Grove LutheranChicago North46Yes- AutoD-3
Aniket NuthalapatiAptakisicChicago North34Yes - AutoD-4
Arjun NageswaranMeridianChicago North52Yes - AutoD-2
Armelle BalogunSt. Therese Chinese Catholic SchoolChicago North14NoD-2
Ashar HashmiMCC AcademyChicago North35Yes- MedianD-3
Ashwini MurthyLake Country AcademyChicago North43Yes- AutoD-3
Avi ShrestvaEast PrairieChicago North19NoD-2
Ben ShoemakerElkhart Christian AcademyChicago North22NoD-1
Benjamin SmetNotre Dame of De PereChicago North29NoD-2
Brad NiesNotre DameChicago North34Yes - AutoD-4
Braeden FormanAptakisicChicago North60Yes - AutoD-1
Caden ChierLourdesChicago North34Yes - AutoD-4
Caleb BaetenLourdesChicago North33Yes - MedianD-1
Catherine NelsonPrince of Peace Catholic SchoolChicago North25NoD-1
Christian KeenerFranklinChicago North19NoD-1
Christopher MorseNorth RidgeChicago North19NoD-3
Clay RyanSeymour School DistrictChicago North30NoD-2
Colin McElduffPrince of PeaceChicago North19NoD-3
Dan SchargorodskyAptakisicChicago North49Yes - AutoD-4
Daniel HessCarleton WashburneChicago North31Yes - MedianD-1
Daniel KowalczykSouthChicago North58Yes - AutoD-2
Danny WolfSt. Paul of the CrossChicago North35Yes - AutoD-2
Drake FoxSaint GilbertChicago North46Yes - AutoD-1
Dunn VFranklinChicago North32Yes - AutoD-2
Dylan KonopLourdesChicago North42Yes - AutoD-1
Edward HacklNot GivenChicago North43Yes - AutoD-4
Erik MujkanovicLake Country AcademyChicago North41Yes- AutoD-3
Frank ZufeltLake Country AcademyChicago North23NoD-3
Gabe DeanElm Grove LutheranChicago North21NoD-2
Govind PrabhakarAptakisicChicago North64Yes - AutoD-4
Halah IdrissiCardinal HeightsChicago North47Yes - AutoD-1
Hongjia ChenSt. Therese Chinese CatholicChicago North31NoD-3
Isaac MillerElkhart Christian AcademyChicago North24NoD-1
Isaac SchivescheCardinal HeightsChicago North34Yes - MedianD-1
Jack KressNotre Dame of DePereChicago North58Yes - AutoD-1
Jared JohnsonSt. GilbertChicago North31NoD-2
Jaynard FreemanEast PrairieChicago North24NoD-3
Jerry KeithTempletonChicago North48Yes - AutoD-4
Joe RadtkeJ.R. GerritsChicago North31NoD-2
Joe ShepherdSouthChicago North64Yes - AutoD-4
Johans BaladadSt. GilbertChicago North28Yes - MedianD-4
John MuellerSt. Paul of the CrossChicago North48Yes- AutoD-3
Jolene BlodgettNorth RidgeChicago North13NoD-2
Joseph MalteseSouthChicago North31NoD-2
Josh CribbenLourdesChicago North37Yes - AutoD-2
Joshua MAySt. Therese Chinese Catholic SchoolChicago North29NoD-2
Karthikeya SaranganThomasChicago North7NoD-2
Keagan PrattByron Center WestChicago North38Yes - AutoD-2
Kieran Micari-LawlessEast Prairie SchoolChicago North49Yes - AutoD-1
Maiko WairathDaniel WrightChicago North37Yes - AutoD-1
Makenna TaubelSeymourChicago North23NoD-3
Maryarita KobotisEast Prairie SchoolChicago North37Yes - AutoD-1
Matt SchlomCarleton WashburneChicago North33Yes - AutoD-2
Matthew SymondsSaint GilbertChicago North70Yes - AutoD-1
Max LoGalboQuest AcademyChicago North53Yes - AutoD-1
Meehir DixitDaniel WrightChicago North31Yes - MedianD-4
Meredith BoosElkhart Lake Glenbeulah Elementary/MiddleChicago North34Yes - AutoD-2
Michael ParisiSaint Paul of the CrossChicago North37Yes - AutoD-2
Michael RizkSt. Therese Chinese Catholic SchoolChicago North-8NoD-2
Molly RialPrince of PeaceChicago North26NoD-4
Morgan HafertepeFranklinChicago North40Yes - AutoD-1
Nate ManroseAptakisicChicago North51Yes- AutoD-3
Parker OlsonLourdesChicago North19NoD-4
Riley BrownElkhart Christian AcademyChicago North25NoD-1
Riley DrewLourdesChicago North40Yes - AutoD-2
Robby CoxLourdesChicago North9NoD-3
Robert SchererThomasChicago North43Yes - AutoD-1
Ryan AdelmanLake Country AcademyChicago North37Yes - AutoD-4
Sam EwertElm Grove LutheranChicago North30Yes - MedianD-1
Samantha ColvinSt. Mark's LutheranChicago North20NoD-1
Samuel HenningHenning HomeschoolChicago North22NoD-4
Sebastian SchlitzCardinal HeightsChicago North21NoD-4
Seth BartosTempletonChicago North25NoD-4
Shiva SenthilTempletonChicago North37Yes - AutoD-4
Simon HooperCarleton WashburneChicago North49Yes - AutoD-4
Timothy MeiSt. Therese Chinese Catholic SchoolChicago North23NoD-2
Tor SwansonLourdesChicago North31Yes - MedianD-4
Vikas ReddyQuest AcademyChicago North67Yes - AutoD-1
Wesley WuSt. Therese Chinese CatholicChicago North2NoD-4
William GIbbonsCarleton WashburneChicago North25NoD-4
Yaseen AliEast PrairieChicago North37Yes - AutoD-2
Zach JanothaLourdesChicago North30Yes - MedianD-4
Zair PalaciosSt. Mark's LutheranChicago North10NoD-2
Alex MortensonTri-ValleyChicago West55Yes - AutoD-4
Ali SiddaiHadleyChicago West34Yes - AutoD-3
Ally SurowiecNotre DameChicago West37Yes - AutoD-2
Barbara BurnsParkerChicago West34Yes - AutoD-4
Brandon LopezJane AdamsChicago West40Yes - MedianD-1
Brody MeliaNotre DameChicago West55Yes - AutoD-1
Caleb SchlesserL.J. HauserChicago West49Yes - AutoD-1
Cameron HetzelColonaChicago West14NoD-4
Cameron LoweChannahonChicago West42Yes - AutoD-2
Christian BujnoO.A. ThorpChicago West13NoD-1
Deirdre FlanaganCardinal Joseph BernadinChicago West34Yes - MedianD-2
Drew NoakesColonaChicago West37Yes - AutoD-2
Elise HoulihanCardinal Joseph BernardinChicago West37Yes - AutoD-4
Ellis KennedyChannahonChicago West25NoD-4
Evan QuistTri-ValleyChicago West28NoD-2
Gino KozelCardinal Joseph BernadinChicago West16NoD-3
Gus GladsteinL.J. HauserChicago West34Yes - AutoD-3
Haaris AnjumKCDSChicago West37Yes - AutoD-2
Izabela BilskaO.A. ThorpChicago West16NoD-4
Jack PhillipsonHadleyChicago West34Yes - MedianD-1
Jack SchnorKeith Country DayChicago West19NoD-1
Joey ClevelandKeith Country DayChicago West24NoD-4
Johann SummersHadleyChicago West55Yes - AutoD-2
Josh CurrieHadleyChicago West49Yes - AutoD-2
Julian RuizColonaChicago West36Yes - MedianD-2
Justin IzasuirreL.J. HauserChicago West58Yes - AutoD-1
Kylie JabjiniakMcClureChicago West49Yes - AutoD-1
Laney CoyneMcClureChicago West49Yes - AutoD-3
Liliana ChavezThurgood MarshallChicago West54Yes - AutoD-1
Margaret KassayNotre DameChicago West46Yes - AutoD-3
Mason DennisTri-ValleyChicago West28NoD-2
Matthew LeeDunlapChicago West65Yes - AutoD-1
Michael AdlerHauserChicago West38Yes - AutoD-4
Myles WalkerParkerChicago West45Yes - AutoD-2
Nicholas AugustynNotre DameChicago West29NoD-1
Nick OlsenChannahonChicago West16NoD-3
Patricia DumasCardinal Joseph BernadinChicago West37Yes - AutoD-2
Paul JonesChannahonChicago West22NoD-1
Perry HoagParkerChicago West42Yes - AutoD-4
Peter DerrahMcClureChicago West16NoD-4
Peyton ComstockNotre DameChicago West44Yes - AutoD-1
Pranav VoletyMarshallChicago West23NoD-2
Roxanne TangElgin AcademyChicago West44Yes - AutoD-2
Topher FryzalMcClureChicago West52Yes - AutoD-3
William JohnsonMcClureChicago West43Yes - MedianD-1
William MauriceChannahonChicago West34Yes - AutoD-4
Yusuf ZahurrullahThurgood MarschallChicago West49Yes - AutoD-1
Alise AdornatoSt. BarnabasColumbus46Yes - AutoD-1
Amal UmeraniRidgewoodColumbus21NoD-4
Amber PisarskyVan BurenColumbus13NoD-2
Cameron RichJacob CoyColumbus23NoD-4
Christopher WurstSt. BarnabasColumbus21NoD-1
Colin BeardJohn AdamsColumbus37Yes - MedianD-3
Daniel DunphySt. Charles BorromeoColumbus64Yes - AutoD-1
Divya KumarNativityColumbus38Yes - AutoD-4
Donnie CardwellWellstonColumbus31Yes - MedianD-1
Drew Fate-BolognoneOlentangy BerkshireColumbus46Yes - AutoD-4
Flygon ZhangOlentangy ShanahanColumbus24NoD-1
Hali ParamesawanCoyColumbus67Yes - AutoD-1
Jacob HamptonEast MuskingumColumbus31Yes -MedianD-4
Jacob SheidlerSt. Charles BorromeoColumbus27NoD-3
Justen EdwardsWellstonColumbus13NoD-3
Kaitlyn McGeeCOyColumbus40Yes - AutoD-4
Karan AgrawalOlentangy ShanahanColumbus45Yes - AutoD-2
Kevin WaltersSt. Charles BorromeoColumbus54Yes - AutoD-2
Lily WagnerVan BurenColumbus20NoD-2
Lindsay UhrichBerkshireColumbus43Yes - AutoD-4
Luke LandayJacob CoyColumbus26NoD-4
McKenna McEachenSt. BarnabasColumbus34Yes - AutoD-2
Miranda EatonVan BurenColumbus26NoD-1
Nic MassieWellstonColumbus25NoD-2
Nicholas AronoffNativityColumbus40Yes - AutoD-1
Nicholas SchoenOlentangy BerkshireColumbus31Yes - AutoD-2
Nick AlbrinckNativityColumbus46Yes - AutoD-3
Patrick McLaughlinNativityColumbus43Yes - AutoD-4
Sathulk RayalaJohn SellsColumbus67Yes - AutoD-3
Simra AhmedRidgewoodColumbus19NoD-4
Suyash DixitShanahanColumbus65Yes - AutoD-1
Varun GopalOlentangy ShanahanColumbus55Yes - AutoD-4
Varun KukkillayaJohn AdamsColumbus52Yes - AutoD-1
Walker CombsJohn AdamsColumbus31Yes - MedianD-1
William ShouseSt. Charles BorromeoColumbus40Yes - AutoD-3
William ToddHerman K. AnkeneyColumbus55Yes - AutoD-3
Zachary SeitzVan BurenColumbus12NoD-4
Alanna MillerCarroll MiddleDallas40Yes- AutoD-4
Alonanna BohnSt. Paul the ApostleDallas22NoD-1
Antonio MarquesSt. Mark CatholicDallas59Yes- AutoD-2
Braden MowdyDuncan MiddleDallas51Yes- AutoD-2
Carl QuistSaint Paul the ApostleDallas47Yes-AutoD-3
Claire WeberSt. MonicaDallas46Yes- MedianD-2
Cole ForemanHarpool MiddleDallas53Yes- AutoD-1
Elizabeth BrandtSt. MonicaDallas54Yes- AutoD-1
Eric ReedCarroll MiddleDallas4NoD-1
Gabrielle TaberHilliebad MiddleDallas40Yes- AutoD-4
Grayson FrankHCADallas55Yes- AutoD-1
Greta YeagerHoly Trinity CatholicDallas42Yes- AutoD-1
Ian SymSmithSt. Mark CatholicDallas41Yes- MedianD-2
Jack BausbacherSt. Paul the ApostleDallas27Yes- MedianD-4
Jack JogerstCarroll MiddleDallas37Yes- AutoD-1
Jack MaddenSt. MonicaDallas51Yes- AutoD-2
Jessica JungingerHoly TrinityDallas16NoD-1
Joann NguyenSt. Mark CatholicDallas61Yes-AutoD-3
Kaylee BraggHarpool MiddleDallas28NoD-1
Lincoln FittsDuncanDallas3NoD-3
Luke McGovernDuncanDallas28NoD-3
Minh-Khanh PhungSt. Mark CatholicDallas49Yes-AutoD-3
Minh-Tuan PhungSt. Mark CatholicDallas50Yes-AutoD-3
Monet StoverSt. MonicaDallas40Yes- AutoD-1
Peyton MuellerHarpool MiddleDallas16NoD-1
Richard ShenCarroll MiddleDallas30Yes- MedianD-1
Sarah SpiveyHarpool MiddleDallas26NoD-3
Theodore UhrilsSt. Paul the ApostleDallas18NoD-3
Ty LeBlancHomeschoolDallas25NoD-2
Carter HansonCentennialDenver40Yes- AutoD-4
Charlie CappellettiAspen CreekDenver43Yes- MedianD-3
Daniel CaylerAspen CreekDenver51Yes- AutoD-3
Devin PitmanChallengerDenver52Yes- AutoD-2
Evelyn BodoniChallengerDenver53Yes- AutoD-3
George ChesebroHigh Country HomeschoolDenver49Yes- AutoD-3
Isaac BluesteinCentennialDenver36Yes- MedianD-3
Jared FieldChallengerDenver35Yes- MedianD-3
Kai BicknerChadconDenver56Yes- AutoD-1
Lauren PeregoyAspen CreekDenver37Yes- MedianD-1
Logan TarmonHoly Family CatholicDenver37Yes- AutoD-4
Louis JaeckleCentennialDenver46Yes- AutoD-3
Marcin LatekHoly Family CatholicDenver46Yes- MedianD-2
Mason LewisAspen CreekDenver19NoD-4
Melissa WeberHoly Family CatholicDenver48Yes- AutoD-4
Michael AliskyAurora QuestDenver43Yes- AutoD-1
Nicholas GarveyBethlehem LutheranDenver53Yes- AutoD-1
Nicholas RiversAurora QuestDenver28Yes- MedianD-4
Ozzy FDenver Science and TechDenver34Yes- MedianD-1
Peter BrownBethlehem LutheranDenver31NoD-3
Ryan SlolumAurora QuestDenver45Yes- AutoD-3
Sony HahnBethlehem LutheranDenver14NoD-1
Taylor MetzgerChallengerDenver40Yes- MedianD-3
Animesh JoshiStilwellDes Moines53Yes - AutoD-1
Anna FlemingWestsideDes Moines50Yes - AutoD-1
Brandon KircherNorrisDes Moines25Yes - AutoD-1
Callie FaySt. Joseph CatholicDes Moines15NoD-4
David WeaverSt. Joseph CatholicDes Moines34Yes - AutoD-2
Devin MuresanSt. JosephDes Moines20NoD-1
Elise LutzPlatteview CentralDes Moines25Yes - AutoD-3
Emily ShatekNewman CatholicDes Moines44Yes - AutoD-2
Erin PritzaSaint Vincent de PaulDes Moines38Yes - AutoD-4
Ethan YarachWestsideDes Moines56Yes - AutoD-4
Grady GaubatzNewman CatholicDes Moines36Yes - AutoD-4
Hunter YearingtonClarindaDes Moines23NoD-1
Jack SvodobaSt. Vincent de PaulDes Moines53Yes - AutoD-4
Jack TruscottSt. Vincent de PaulDes Moines43Yes - AutoD-3
Jacob MuffPlatteview CentralDes Moines22NoD-1
Jacob ScottNewman CatholicDes Moines28Yes - AutoD-1
Jenna HuefsArlington Public SchoolDes Moines1NoD-4
Joseph JanssenGrundy CenterDes Moines23NoD-4
Justin SolheimWestsideDes Moines25Yes - AutoD-3
Kateri BaldwinClarindaDes Moines13NoD-4
Lauren HornMadridDes Moines18NoD-3
Louden FergusonPlatteview CentralDes Moines32NoD-2
Luke VieArlington EaglesDes Moines22NoD-1
Mason FelbyElkorn Valley ViewDes Moines13NoD-1
Nolan ZegerElkhorn Valley ViewDes Moines31Yes - AutoD-3
Owen SmithClarindaDes Moines18NoD-4
Quinn GalvinNorrisDes Moines28NoD-2
Radha VelamuriStilwellDes Moines37Yes - AutoD-1
Reese PikeWestsideDes Moines25Yes - AutoD-3
Samantha PalermoNorrisDes Moines27Yes - AutoD-4
Storm HowardClarindaDes Moines37Yes - AutoD-1
Tana BondNorrisDes Moines24NoD-4
Theodore GernhartElkhorn Valley ViewDes Moines55Yes - AutoD-3
Theodore JansenWestsideDes Moines61Yes - AutoD-4
Aaron FengSmithDetroit49Yes - AutoD-3
Alexander LiesenMill CreekDetroit11NoD-2
Alexis SchenavarTriumphDetroit43Yes - AutoD-3
Angie CaldareneShoreDetroit22NoD-3
Anthony LebbosSmithDetroit64Yes - AutoD-2
Billy EsparzaSummitDetroit6NoD-3
Brandon ScheurerSt. Patrick'sDetroit31NoD-2
Dumebi SmartyAssumptionDetroit40Yes - AutoD-1
Evan EschenburgMill CreekDetroit37Yes - AutoD-2
Finsam SamsonSmithDetroit55Yes - AutoD-4
Fintan BlackenShoreDetroit34Yes - MedianD-1
Garrick MartinTriumphDetroit52Yes - AutoD-2
Grace TimmerPortland St. Patrick'sDetroit28NoD-1
Gwynn FurlichCommunion of SaintsDetroit4NoD-4
Hannah GinleyCommunion of SaintsDetroit15NoD-4
Joe TimmerPortland St. PatrickDetroit28NoD-3
Johnathan SpeersMill CreekDetroit40Yes - AutoD-1
Jonah PowellSaranacDetroit36Yes - AutoD-3
Joseph ThomasOrchard LakeDetroit37Yes - AutoD-1
Matthew FailorEastDetroit64Yes - AutoD-1
Nicholas MesterTriumph AcademyDetroit56Yes - AutoD-4
Pietro VitaleSummitDetroit31Yes - AutoD-3
Rachel KoramCommunion of SaintsDetroit27NoD-1
Reza HusainNoneDetroit40Yes - MedianD-4
Sam RoelantTriumphDetroit1NoD-2
Sydney BroginartOrchard LakeDetroit43Yes - AutoD-4
Tristan WilliamsMill CreekDetroit52Yes - AutoD-2
Ahhyith NeelanchalilPine Ridge MiddleFort Lauderdale58Yes- AutoD-4
Alex MissenThe Weiss SchoolFort Lauderdale28Yes- AutoD-1
Amanda TomaselliSt. Hugh CatholicFort Lauderdale15NoD-1
Austin SchlusemeyerSt. Lucie WestFort Lauderdale19NoD-1
David HadlandSHCSFort Lauderdale13NoD-3
Dhilan KrishnasamyThe Weiss SchoolFort Lauderdale36Yes- AutoD-2
Donald DavisSheridan Hills ChristianFort Lauderdale43Yes- AutoD-3
Fernando BonegasPine Ridge MiddleFort Lauderdale40Yes- AutoD-4
Finch DavisWeiss SchoolFort Lauderdale37Yes- AutoD-4
Judith DaySaint GregoryFort Lauderdale28Yes- AutoD-1
Kayla PerezSt. Lucie WestFort Lauderdale25NoD-2
Larne FalregorSheridan Hills ChristianFort Lauderdale29Yes- MedianD-4
Lucas MinerRansom EvergladesFort Lauderdale55Yes- AutoD-3
Matthew ConroyPine Ridge MiddleFort Lauderdale23NoD-4
Mauricio SeveroSt. GregoryFort Lauderdale20NoD-4
No NameNo SchoolFort Lauderdale37Yes- AutoD-1
Perry BeckettCushman SchoolFort Lauderdale40Yes- AutoD-4
Quentin FairchildSt. Francis XavierFort Lauderdale46Yes- AutoD-2
Seth CohenPine RidgeFort Lauderdale31NoD-2
Simon PirtsSt. GregoryFort Lauderdale31Yes- AutoD-3
Sophia Ramirez-PeraltaSt. Hugh CatholicFort Lauderdale34Yes- AutoD-1
TJ ChipmanSheridan Hills ChristianFort Lauderdale24NoD-3
Vincent TambarelloSaint HughFort Lauderdale13NoD-3
Zach FotiadisCushman SchoolFort Lauderdale46Yes- AutoD-3
Shreya RameshNorthwesternGeorgia State Championships64Yes - AutoE
Alex DeweyCalvary Episcopal PrepHouston25Yes- AutoD-1
Amaris LittleurutWestshoreHouston32Yes- AutoD-4
Ammar AliCarrollwood DayHouston49Yes- AutoD-4
Benjamin DanielsenTrinity LutheranHouston43Yes- AutoD-3
Bettina HuangJames Weldon Johnson MiddleHouston23NoD-4
Brissa BailonVillages CharterHouston37Yes- AutoD-4
David GuerreroHoly Spirit EpiscopalHouston43Yes- AutoD-2
Dev DassHarmony School of ExcellenceHouston25NoD-2
Eduardo RinconHoly Spirit EpiscopalHouston57Yes- AutoD-2
Emily LucasTrinity LutheranHouston49Yes- AutoD-3
Emma NearyHoly FamilyHouston22NoD-4
Enzo CabelleroVillages CharterHouston28Yes- MedianD-4
Ethan LouisTrinity LutheranHouston40Yes- MedianD-2
Gabriel TibilettiHoly Spirit EpiscopalHouston32Yes- AutoD-1
Grace NearyHouston1NoD-4
Hannah WeberCalvary EpiscopalHouston19NoD-2
Howie NewmanHouston49Yes- AutoD-4
Jacob HagueJames Weldon Johnson MiddleHouston30Yes- AutoD-4
James BellinderLake PlacidHouston20NoD-4
Joey SOlisCalvary EpiscopalHouston28NoD-3
John AustinBenoitCalvary EpiscopalHouston21NoD-3
Joseph DryerCalvary EpiscopalHouston19NoD-3
Joseph DryerCalvary EpiscopalHouston55Yes- AutoD-3
Lauren AmosGifford MiddleHouston13NoD-4
Lilianne SuttonBraden River MiddleHouston28Yes- MedianD-4
Lydia HowaldWestshoreHouston25NoD-4
Marck ReyesHenry BauerschlagHouston20NoD-3
Mason HowellCalvary EpiscopalHouston16NoD-1
Matthew ChamblissTrinity Lutheran SchoolHouston44Yes- AutoD-2
Matthew NearyHoly FamilyHouston31Yes- AutoD-4
Megan DeuerTabernacle ChristianHouston34Yes- AutoD-4
Nishanu RangarajanHouston67Yes- AutoD-4
Olivia VargasCalvary EpiscopalHouston31Yes- AutoD-3
Reese McBrideCalvary EpiscopalHouston14NoD-1
Ross VanFaroweHomeschoolHouston59Yes- AutoD-2
Saharu RangarajanHouston70Yes- AutoD-4
Shomik GhoseTH RogersHouston61Yes- AutoD-2
Sidarth JoshiHomeschoolHouston16NoD-1
Skeeter GilbreathRegerts AcademyHouston20NoD-2
Sohan ShahCarrollwood DayHouston31Yes- AutoD-4
Taruni TangiralaHomeschoolHouston49Yes- AutoD-1
Tristan KurtzImmanuel LutheranHouston13NoD-4
William DobbsCalvary EpiscopalHouston46Yes- AutoD-3
Zach GeitnerLake Placid ChristianHouston25NoD-4
Afam NzekweCentral LutheranIndianapolis49Yes - AutoD-1
Austin HaffnerEast JayIndianapolis31Yes - AutoD-2
Austin ParksPerry MeridianIndianapolis28NoD-1
Benedict YoderNorth WoodIndianapolis38Yes - AutoD-4
Christian ValdezChapel Hill CenterIndianapolis25NoD-4
Corbin KnightNorthwoodIndianapolis61Yes - AutoD-1
Derrick AllenEast JayIndianapolis-2NoD-2
Dillon MuhlenkampEast JayIndianapolis26NoD-1
Emily SpaethBenjamin RushIndianapolis19NoD-3
Ethan BarnesNorth RidgeIndianapolis4NoD-1
Ethan BerningCentral LutheranIndianapolis49Yes - AutoD-1
Evan BarnesBenjamin RushIndianapolis22NoD-2
Jack WagnerNorth RidgeIndianapolis49Yes - AutoD-2
Jared RuizChapel Hill CentralIndianapolis25NoD-1
Joseph HiltyEast JoyIndianapolis25NoD-3
Kaleb MedinaNorth RidgeIndianapolis37Yes - AutoD-3
Liam HammondNorthwoodIndianapolis37Yes - AutoD-1
Logan BCentral LutheranIndianapolis36Yes - MedianD-1
Lucas HummelBenjamin RushIndianapolis52Yes - AutoD-1
Lukas SakalinskasPerry MeridianIndianapolis32Yes - AutoD-2
Mary BraunSt. Joseph HessenIndianapolis61Yes - AutoD-2
Matthew GehlCentral LutheranIndianapolis40Yes - AutoD-3
Nathaniel KellyNorth RidgeIndianapolis22NoD-4
Nick KomlancBenjamin RushIndianapolis37Yes - AutoD-1
Paul BraunSt. Joseph HessenIndianapolis33Yes - AutoD-4
Sean HaganNorthwoodIndianapolis37Yes - AutoD-1
Thawna HmangPerry MerdianIndianapolis24NoD-1
Thomas WegmanHickory StreetIndianapolis45Yes - AutoD-3
Winter WarrenHomeschoolIndianapolis17NoD-2
Zoe LawtonNorthwoodIndianapolis13NoD-2
Deven AschaffSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas13NoD-4
Dylan FritzSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas40Yes - AutoD-4
Eshaan VakilHyde ParkLas Vegas49Yes - AutoD-4
Ian EllsworthSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas9NoD-4
Jonas DeNerioSouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas25Yes - AutoD-4
Jonathan VannaySouthern Highlands PrepLas Vegas11NoD-4
Kristin CanlapanJack Lund SchofieldLas Vegas7NoD-4
Millan GledhillRoy West MartinLas Vegas34Yes - AutoD-4
No name givenRoy MartinLas Vegas34Yes - AutoD-4
Andy DuTates CreekLexington29Yes - AutoD-2
Angus MaskeWinburnLexington46Yes - AutoD-3
Austin HomiltkuCamp ErnstLexington10NoD-3
Austin LiWInburnLexington40Yes - AutoD-2
Azriel GarlandCorbinLexington34Yes - AutoD-4
Brandon BrooksNoeLexington60Yes - AutoD-1
Brandon FairchildJohnson CountyLexington61Yes - AutoD-4
Cade SmithSycamoreLexington53Yes - AutoD-1
Caleb HeCamp ErnstLexington67Yes - AutoD-3
Carter WellsNature's Way MontessoriLexington46Yes - AutoD-4
Colton CarnesRussell CountyLexington55Yes - AutoD-3
David HoltzclawConnerLexington51Yes - AutoD-4
David JonesJCTMSLexington31Yes - MedianD-1
Dreydan HanshawBoyd CountyLexington40Yes - AutoD-4
Evelyn GatesConnerLexington13NoD-2
Garth PaisModel LaboratoryLexington28Yes - MedianD-4
Gary CantrellJohnson CountyLexington58Yes - AutoD-2
Grant BrunerSycamoreLexington32Yes - MedianD-4
Hunter RoarkJohnson CountyLexington42Yes - AutoD-4
J.D. StockhamNorthernLexington20NoD-3
J.T. DialsJohnson CountyLexington39Yes - AutoD-2
James LoganThe Schilling SchoolLexington25NoD-2
Javier PuigCorbinLexington37Yes - MedianD-3
Jenna NobbeSouth DearbornLexington19NoD-4
Joe FryeConnerLexington58Yes - AutoD-1
Joey HallCamp ErnstLexington46Yes - AutoD-3
Kate ProctorRussell CountyLexington28NoD-2
Luke FriesRoyal SpringsLexington22NoD-2
Maggie GossageRussell CountyLexington31NoD-3
Mark GENorth OldhamLexington34Yes - AutoD-4
Matthew HughesSouth DearbornLexington25NoD-4
Nathan RamseySchillingLexington52Yes - AutoD-3
Nina HeisterCamp ErnstLexington25NoD-1
Nolan WellsNature's Way MontessoriLexington52Yes - AutoD-2
Sahchit ChundurSycamoreLexington37Yes - AutoD-1
Saif AhmedWinburnLexington43Yes - AutoD-3
Sam McIntoshSt. CeciliaLexington27NoD-1
Samuel ClarkTates CreekLexington26NoD-1
Samuel SmithNorthern PulaskiLexington28Yes - MedianD-4
Savannah MooreCorbinLexington13NoD-3
Sean SwayzeSchilling SchoolLexington32Yes - MedianD-4
Shashank BhattWinburnLexington53Yes - AutoD-1
Shelby WillisBoyd CountyLexington43Yes - AutoD-3
Taylor McClungAnkeneyLexington40Yes - MedianD-3
Ting LiJefferson County Trad.Lexington19NoD-2
Will ScottRussellLexington25NoD-1
William GarnerLouisville Collegiate SchoolLexington43Yes - AutoD-3
Wilson InskoRoyal SpringLexington57Yes - AutoD-1
Anna SteelbergHarbor DayLos Angeles10NoD-1
Ben MillerHarbor DayLos Angeles55Yes - AutoD-1
Casey StanfordRancho San JoaquinLos Angeles34Yes - AutoD-1
Christopher SoulesAlta LomaLos Angeles23NoD-1
Crystal WangWhitney HighLos Angeles52Yes - AutoD-1
Donna TranMagnolia-Science Acedemy Santa AnaLos Angeles20NoD-4
Evan KowalSPMSLos Angeles55Yes - AutoD-1
Gabriel TocaRancho San JoaquinLos Angeles25NoD-1
Garrett PellissierLinfield ChristianLos Angeles-14NoD-4
Jacob FishLinfield ChristianLos Angeles32Yes - MedianD-1
Michael BarashNew West CharterLos Angeles43Yes - AutoD-1
Michael ParkLinfield ChristianLos Angeles24NoD-1
Oliver CopelandNew West CharterLos Angeles23Yes - AutoD-4
Oona WoodNew West CharterLos Angeles14NoD-1
Richey TengHerbet HooverLos Angeles19NoD-4
Rile GrantHarbor DayLos Angeles10NoD-4
Ryan ChiangWhitney HighLos Angeles34Yes - AutoD-4
Torrence WeatherspoonHerbert HooverLos Angeles34Yes - AutoD-1
Wyatt GermaineSanta Rosa Tech MagnetLos Angeles40Yes - AutoD-1
Wyatt SteeleHomeschoolLos Angeles25Yes - AutoD-4
Anaum ShowkatLausanne CollegiateMemphis8NoD-2
Bennett ThomasHoustonMemphis52Yes - AutoD-1
Caroline CouchGrace St. Luke'sMemphis29Yes - AutoD-4
Charlie RowlandHarrisburgMemphis13NoD-3
Cole HaddenLisa AcademyMemphis35Yes - AutoD-2
Daniel WoodsonHarrisburgMemphis28NoD-2
Hayley SimpsonGermantownMemphis38Yes - AutoD-3
J.D. HuberGrace St. Luke'sMemphis32Yes - AutoD-4
Jase BrownCrockett CountyMemphis10NoD-4
Kate BinghamWhite StationMemphis33Yes - AutoD-1
Lane GallHowell Valley R-1Memphis23NoD-4
Long TruongGermantownMemphis34Yes - AutoD-2
Megan LiuLausanne CollegiateMemphis22NoD-2
Oryx WestHowellMemphis13NoD-1
Robert WaltersLausanne CollegiateMemphis28Yes - AutoD-4
Sarah GillHowell ValleyMemphis31Yes - AutoD-2
Shridhar AthinarayananWhite StationMemphis29NoD-1
Tara SandlinWhite StationMemphis45Yes - AutoD-1
Will WoodmanseeGrace St. Luke'sMemphis13NoD-4
(Yining) ZhouOnalaskaMinneapolis43Yes - AutoD-4
Abraham WestNova ClassicalMinneapolis55Yes - AutoD-1
Adam DorrCook CountyMinneapolis36Yes - AutoD-4
Adam KernPrincetonMinneapolis22NoD-1
Alex CuateWorthingtonMinneapolis16NoD-4
Andrew TusaJackson County CentralMinneapolis22NoD-4
Antonio GodinesKasson-MontervilleMinneapolis46Yes - AutoD-1
Anwar FarfaWorthingtonMinneapolis22NoD-4
Areana AltshculerJim HillMinneapolis35Yes - AutoD-1
Arul BelheWayzata EastMinneapolis57Yes - AutoD-4
Ashton WederHighviewMinneapolis28Yes - AutoD-2
Azael RodriguezWorthingtonMinneapolis34Yes - AutoD-4
Benjamin LionWayzata EastMinneapolis55Yes - AutoD-3
Cade AlexanderMedford AreaMinneapolis29NoD-1
Cole KundertKasson-MantorvilleMinneapolis1NoD-3
Davis MooreWorthingtonMinneapolis43Yes - AutoD-1
Dylan FreerksenKasson ManorvilleMinneapolis-8NoD-1
Evan PoellingerWayzata EastMinneapolis58Yes - AutoD-1
Francine SeidelMAMSMinneapolis7NoD-3
Gabrielle AlvaradoKasson-MantorvilleMinneapolis57Yes - AutoD-2
Grace BoeckWayzata EastMinneapolis43Yes - AutoD-1
Grace SuChippewaMinneapolis34Yes - AutoD-1
Grant VossJackson CountyMinneapolis21NoD-1
Henry WalkerNova ClassicalMinneapolis34Yes - AutoD-4
Jack KrauseColbyMinneapolis11NoD-4
Joe MischkeSt. Mark'sMinneapolis34Yes - AutoD-2
Jon LohelMedford AreaMinneapolis21NoD-4
Joy SchwenglerJim HillMinneapolis28Yes - AutoD-2
Justin HeckardJackson County CentralMinneapolis22NoD-3
Lucas EggersRochester MontessoriMinneapolis67Yes - AutoD-1
Luke RussellJackson County CentralMinneapolis24NoD-1
Masom SchroederPrincetonMinneapolis26Yes - AutoD-4
Mateusz KuklaChippewaMinneapolis25Yes - AutoD-4
Michael DeckerColbyMinneapolis19NoD-1
Noah CiparMedford AreaMinneapolis0NoD-1
Preston HochbergerColbyMinneapolis40Yes - AutoD-3
Robert DefrenWayzata EastMinneapolis33Yes - AutoD-3
Ronan ArmstrongHomeschooledMinneapolis38Yes - AutoD-2
Ryan KujawaOnalaskaMinneapolis22NoD-2
Sawyer SchmitzlerColbyMinneapolis21NoD-2
Scott StensrudPrincetonMinneapolis12NoD-1
Selomon KebedeWMSMinneapolis25Yes - AutoD-3
Seth MayrenMedford AreaMinneapolis30Yes - AutoD-1
Traner WeilerColbyMinneapolis13NoD-4
Tucker AndersonPrincetonMinneapolis2NoD-1
Tyrell InmanOnalaskaMinneapolis46Yes - AutoD-1
Alex HuangFreedom Middle SchoolNashville46Yes - AutoD-2
Alex PhillipsOverbrookNashville37Yes - AutoD-4
Alex WassonFreedomNashville16NoD-3
AlexanderWest ValleyNashville30NoD-3
Alexandra AcevedoOverbrookNashville39Yes - AutoD-1
Ana RaglandCommunityNashville15NoD-4
Andrew SwierkoszBowling GreenNashville49Yes - AutoD-3
Anthony HarbSaint RoseNashville40Yes - AutoD-2
Auzin PanahandehCalloway CountyNashville38Yes - AutoD-2
Brady GuessBentonNashville37Yes - AutoD-3
Carter MansfieldCentertownNashville41Yes - AutoD-3
Daniel HudsonFreedomNashville43Yes - AutoD-2
Danny FaroneSt. Rose of LimaNashville55Yes - AutoD-1
Duncan StaplesBattle GroundNashville34Yes - AutoD-1
Dylan VanceMurrayNashville35Yes - AutoD-1
Faith ViersSaint Rose of LimaNashville40Yes - AutoD-4
Frank StandaertFarragutNashville26NoD-3
GArrett KayserSaint Rose of LimaNashville31Yes - AutoD-4
Grace BoatrightBentonNashville25NoD-1
Ian LauderbackCedar SpringsNashville32Yes - AutoD-2
Jackson ChumblerBentonNashville28NoD-1
Jackson LathamWhitworth BuchananNashville32Yes - AutoD-4
Jane WoodSaint Rose AcademyNashville30Yes - MedianD-1
John D. CobbClayton-BrodlyNashville58Yes - AutoD-1
John DickensHCANashville58Yes - AutoD-1
Jose BarajasWhitworth BuchananNashville16NoD-4
Josiah BoyleCedar Springs HomeschoolNashville10NoD-2
Joza MikukikCalloway CountyNashville21NoD-4
Julia TaylorCentertownNashville4NoD-2
Kati WyantCalloway CountyNashville45Yes - AutoD-3
Kayla WoodwardHancock CountyNashville14NoD-4
Keegan WalkerFirst Baptist Academy HoomeschoolNashville13NoD-2
Kelsey LittrellBentonNashville13NoD-3
Lauren SteenWhitworth BuchananNashville33Yes - AutoD-1
Lindsey HedrickHomeschoolNashville21NoD-4
Logan PritchettHancockNashville21NoD-3
Lucy KingFreedomNashville34Yes - AutoD-2
Madesyn ThomasHancock CountyNashville8NoD-2
Marie KaiserOverbrookNashville49Yes - AutoD-3
Matt LewisBattle GroundNashville31Yes - MedianD-1
Noah DunawayMurrayNashville27Yes - AutoD-4
Owen ChamnessChrist the KingNashville44Yes - AutoD-3
Rayla MyersCentertownNashville10NoD-1
Reed LockeBattle GroundNashville43Yes - AutoD-1
Ross CrawfordCommunityNashville37Yes - AutoD-2
Ryan MessengerMurrayNashville13NoD-2
Samantha RadomskiCalloway CountyNashville22NoD-1
Samuel ChangBowling GreenNashville22Yes - AutoD-4
Sebastian JonesChrist the KingNashville31Yes - AutoD-2
Shaherazade KhanBellevueNashville17NoD-1
T.J. NicholsonChrist the KingNashville20NoD-4
TAylor PeggCentertownNashville16NoD-4
Von DranCommunityNashville28NoD-2
Wes WheatleyHancock CountyNashville25Yes - AutoD-4
Will BensonCalloway CountyNashville32Yes - AutoD-4
Will MillerMurrayNashville30NoD-2
Wyatt PowersHancock CountyNashville43Yes - AutoD-1
Zach SuttonChrist the KingNashville31Yes - MedianD-1
Acriche, IanWoodmere Middle SchoolNew York52Yes - AutoD-1
Amanda KleinSt. Peter's SchoolNew York19NoD-2
Anjianie PerezSt. Pete's SchoolNew York24NoD-1
Basile, NicholasIsland treesNew York40Yes - AutoD-1
Biswas, FatemaRazi SchoolNew York14NoD-1
Blake, Brianwest Essex Middle SchoolNew York30NoD-3
Blumlein, SeanSt. ChristopherNew York21NoD-3
Cai, TomCavallini Middle SchoolNew York31Yes - MedianD-1
Colie, JohnLacordaire AcademyNew York34Yes - AutoD-4
Cotzomi, AriLincoln Middle SchoolNew York3NoD-1
DeLibero, CollinLowell J Haniss SchoolNew York22NoD-4
Diaz, Duncan#4 Lincoln Middle SchoolNew York20NoD-1
Dube, EliasEasternchester Middle SchoolNew York42Yes - AutoD-1
Emery, ElijahPearls HawthorneNew York49Yes - AutoD-4
Frimet, JackTuxedo Park SchoolNew York29NoD-3
Gluckman, AlexHaniss SchoolNew York38Yes - MedianD-3
Gmunder, KurtWarren Middle SchoolNew York47Yes - MedianD-2
Goolsby, EricWoodmere Middle SchoolNew York39Yes - AutoD-1
Hau, AndrewTenafly Middle SchoolNew York48Yes - AutoD-1
Held, JosephLacordaire AcademyNew York55Yes - AutoD-1
Henry, NoahSt. Christopher SchoolNew York22NoD-4
Horowitz, LucyBriarcliff Middle SchoolNew York46Yes - AutoD-3
Jarilla, JanelleHoniss SchoolNew York13NoD-1
Joshi, SunayTenafly MiddleNew York41Yes - MedianD-2
Kamihshi, BartLacordaire AcademyNew York24Yes - AutoD-4
Kapengut, ElieFMG Middle SchoolNew York43Yes - AutoD-4
Kulapurathazhe, MariaPearls HawthorneNew York13NoD-4
Lettis, KellyannI.T.M.M.SNew York34Yes - MedianD-2
Lim, NathanielClarke Middle SchoolNew York40Yes - AutoD-1
Lin, DerekWestwood Regional HighNew York43Yes - AutoD-3
Majidi, NimaCedar Hill PrepNew York28Yes - AutoD-4
Marawski, CamrynPeirrpontNew York3NoD-2
Mathew, JoelW.T. Clarke Middle SchoolNew York59Yes - AutoD-2
Menten, ThomasCavallini Middle SchoolNew York49Yes - AutoD-4
Mokbel, AdamPearls HawthorneNew York43Yes - AutoD-1
Mukherjee, IshanBriarcliff Middle SchoolNew York10NoD-4
Orta, AiyannaLeonia Middle SchoolNew York22NoD-4
Press, TheodoreWest Essex Middle SchoolNew York36Yes - AutoD-1
Puerzer, AaronEdgar Middle SchoolNew York33Yes - MedianD-1
Pulakk, PranavCedar Hill Prep SchoolNew York51Yes - AutoD-2
Rafique, Madiharazi SchoolNew York25NoD-3
Riegel, JakeWoodmore Middle SchoolNew York58Yes - AutoD-2
Sawilz, StanleyPierrepont SchoolNew York40Yes - MedianD-2
Sayed, AnkitW.T. Clarke MiddleNew York50Yes - AutoD-3
Segure, NehemiahSt. Christopher SchoolNew York11NoD-4
Shanker, AnitaBriarcliff MSNew York64Yes - AutoD-2
Singh, RohanBriarcliff Middle SchoolNew York43Yes - AutoD-4
Solano, LewisLincoln Middle SchoolNew York1NoD-1
Trivedi, NeelayWarren Middle SchoolNew York61Yes - AutoD-3
Walker, LiamEdgar Middle SchoolNew York46Yes - AutoD-3
Wendt, DavidIsland Tres Middle SchoolNew York52Yes - AutoD-3
Zamroz, ThomasIsland Trees Memorial Middle SchoolNew York26NoD-3
Aayush SinghChallenger ArdenwoodNorthern Cali28NoE
Anuj KothariChallenger ArdenwoodNorthern Cali31Yes- AutoE
Arun SundaresanThe Harker SchoolNorthern Cali31Yes- AutoE
Rohin TangiralaChallenger Strawberry ParkNorthern Cali33Yes- AutoE
Aaron BeairdSt. James CathedralOrlando52Yes- AutoD-3
Alex SpalloneTrinity PrepOrlando34Yes- AutoD-1
Amaris LittleurutWestshoreOrlando32Yes- AutoD-4
Ammar AliCarrollwood DayOrlando49Yes- AutoD-4
Andrew HannaCarrolwood Day SchoolOrlando44Yes- AutoD-2
Ashleigh WitheringtonHomeschoolOrlando29Yes- AutoD-1
Avery PullaraCarrollwood Day SchoolOrlando55Yes- AutoD-2
Benedict AndalThe Villages CharterOrlando25NoD-2
Bettina HuangJames Weldon Johnson MiddleOrlando23NoD-4
Brissa BailonVillages CharterOrlando37Yes- AutoD-4
Chase RiveraSan Jose CatholicOrlando34Yes- AutoD-1
Christian CampsWest ShoreOrlando26NoD-2
Christian StanfillSt. James CathedralOrlando49Yes- AutoD-1
Claire EvansSan Jose CatholicOrlando41Yes- AutoD-1
Colin PelletierJames Weldon Johnson PrepOrlando34Yes- AutoD-2
David EvansSouth SumterOrlando24NoD-1
Devion SmithImmanuel LutheranOrlando1NoD-3
Emma NearyHoly FamilyOrlando22NoD-4
Emmanuel PaterakisWest ShoreOrlando40Yes- AutoD-3
Enzo CabelleroVillages CharterOrlando28Yes- MedianD-4
Gabe ClarkTabernacle ChristianOrlando20NoD-3
Glicken DecaneySaint James Cathedral SchoolOrlando22NoD-1
Grace NearyOrlando1NoD-4
Grant AllenBraden RiverOrlando33Yes- AutoD-2
Howie NewmanOrlando49Yes- AutoD-4
Jacob HagueJames Weldon Johnson MiddleOrlando30Yes- AutoD-4
Jake HeplerTablernacle ChristianOrlando37Yes- AutoD-2
James BellinderLake PlacidOrlando20NoD-4
Jessica RinesBraden RIverOrlando23NoD-1
John LinBraden RiverOrlando70Yes- AutoD-1
Joseph Zamoro-BurnsSouth SumterOrlando28Yes- AutoD-1
Justin KelleherHoly Family CatholicOrlando19NoD-1
Kieren CollinsBraden River MiddleOrlando48Yes- AutoD-1
Lauren AmosGifford MiddleOrlando13NoD-4
Lilianne SuttonBraden River MiddleOrlando28Yes- MedianD-4
Logan DriesengaSouth SumterOrlando17NoD-2
Lydia HowaldWestshoreOrlando25NoD-4
Matthew MaggioSouth SumterOrlando16NoD-1
Matthew NearyHoly FamilyOrlando31Yes- AutoD-4
Megan DeuerTabernacle ChristianOrlando34Yes- AutoD-4
Mitchel CokerLake Placid ChristianOrlando33Yes- AutoD-2
Nishanu RangarajanOrlando67Yes- AutoD-4
Paloma BruscatoSt. James CathedralOrlando7NoD-1
Pranav SnormaLake Placid ChristianOrlando16NoD-2
Priyanka PerisetlaJames Weldon Johnson College PrepOrlando49Yes- AutoD-3
Rachel BitutskyJames Weldon JohnsonOrlando26NoD-1
Rosana VieraTabernacle ChristianOrlando21NoD-1
Saharu RangarajanOrlando70Yes- AutoD-4
Seamus SweeneyHoly Family CatholicOrlando40Yes- AutoD-3
Sohan ShahCarrollwood DayOrlando31Yes- AutoD-4
Tanner BoleyLake Placid ChristianOrlando0NoD-3
Thomas DriggersSan Jose CatholicOrlando39Yes- MedianD-3
Tristan KurtzImmanuel LutheranOrlando13NoD-4
Zach GeitnerLake Placid ChristianOrlando25NoD-4
Abadir, JonathanSt. Thomas the ApostlePhiladelphia26NoD-3
Antico, AmandaCinnaminson Middle SchoolPhiladelphia31NoD-3
Baier, MaxwellChrist the KingPhiladelphia61Yes - AutoD-3
Buxbaum, MarielleFrench International School of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia62Yes - AutoD-1
Clements, TimothyCinnaminson Middle SchoolPhiladelphia28NoD-1
Connor LehmannSt. Edmond'sPhiladelphia0NoD-4
Delaney, JoeJR Fugette Middle SchoolPhiladelphia37Yes - AutoD-3
DeVincent, DouglasWissahickon Middle SchoolPhiladelphia40Yes - AutoD-1
Dimitrov, TeoMiddle Township Middle SchoolPhiladelphia4NoD-4
Disman, JacobCocalico Middle SchoolPhiladelphia40Yes - AutoD-1
Flynn, JackHochessin MontesorriPhiladelphia55Yes - AutoD-1
Gerardi, JacobWellwood MiddlePhiladelphia46Yes - AutoD-4
Glenn, VictoriaToms River Intermediate EastPhiladelphia16NoD-3
Gordon WilcoxFriends CentralPhiladelphia30Yes - AutoD-4
Guan, SarahFugett Middle SchoolPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-4
Hoy, EthanMiffinburg AreaPhiladelphia19NoD-4
Hu, VickyIntermediate EastPhiladelphia2NoD-4
Hur, MatthewCinnaminson MiddlePhiladelphia36Yes - AutoD-4
Hurm, MatthewIndian Crest MSPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-4
Jani, HarshilWilson Southern Middle SchoolPhiladelphia15NoD-4
Kawalec, PhilPleasant ValleyPhiladelphia32Yes - AutoD-4
Kinservik, ThomasNewark Charter SchoolPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-1
Klein, BenFriends Central SchoolPhiladelphia40Yes - AutoD-3
Korndoerfer, TJFredric A. PruffPhiladelphia16noD-2
Kuntz, MateoSt. Mary MagdalenPhiladelphia37Yes - AutoD-2
Lavelle, ChrisSaint mary MagdalenPhiladelphia14NoD-4
Light, KyleToms River Intermediate EastPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-3
Lindholm, AndrewMiddle township Middle SchoolPhiladelphia19NoD-3
Luux, ConnorWissahickon Middle SchoolPhiladelphia34Yes - MedianD-1
Lynch, LiamPleasant Valley SchoolPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-2
Mahler, SamAlexandria Middle SchoolPhiladelphia4NoD-4
Martin, KristopherIndian CrestPhiladelphia32Yes - MedianD-1
McIntire, RyanIntermediate EastPhiladelphia25NoD-1
Michael FlynnEugene A. Tighe MSPhiladelphia46Yes - AutoD-1
Miles, ChristopherMartain La Matei Middle SchoolPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-1
Oltmanns, MaxFrench international School of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia22NoD-2
Parson, CharlesSaint Edmond'sPhiladelphia25NoD-3
Picione, JoeAlexandria Middle SchoolPhiladelphia40Yes - AutoD-4
Polhill, JohnBloomsburg MiddlePhiladelphia28NoD-1
Price, HenryIndian CrestPhiladelphia49Yes - AutoD-3
Raju, SankethFugett Middle SchoolPhiladelphia46Yes - AutoD-4
Raman, RishiGreat valley Middle SchoolPhiladelphia43Yes - AutoD-2
Reish, ColeMifflinburg Middle SchoolPhiladelphia37Yes - AutoD-4
Roshha, AlexanderPleasant ValleyPhiladelphia24Yes - AutoD-2
Rudderow, VincentHoly Guardian Angels Regional SchoolPhiladelphia19NoD-1
Ruggiero, MichaelJ.R. Fugett MSPhiladelphia64Yes - AutoD-3
Russo, RyanSaint Edmond'sPhiladelphia64Yes - AutoD-3
Shane FerryEugene A. Tighe MSPhiladelphia20NoD-1
Shukla, akashMonroe Township M.S.Philadelphia34Yes - AutoD-4
Sidhar, SashankWilson Southern Middle SchoolPhiladelphia70Yes - AutoD-1
Smith, MackenzieEugene A. Tighe SchoolPhiladelphia22NoD-4
Smith, ZaeCocalico Middle SchoolPhiladelphia26NoD-4
Sreckanth, RishiThe Independence SchoolPhiladelphia52Yes - AutoD-4
Szapary, TristanFrench international School of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia9NoD-4
Velez, KatherineMonroe Township Middle SchoolPhiladelphia13NoD-1
Weber, BenWilson Southern MSPhiladelphia20NoD-1
Witman, EvanWilson West MiddlePhiladelphia39Yes - AutoD-1
Wood, KieferFrench international School of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia4noD-2
Xuan, EricMonroe Township MSPhiladelphia13NoD-3
Young, MatthewHoly Guardian AngelsPhiladelphia11NoD-3
Adith NarayananBASIS PhoenixPhoenix31Yes - MedianD-1
Alana BetancourtSaint David UnifiedPhoenix10NoD-3
Andrew ThaiEduprizePhoenix20Yes - AutoD-4
Atkin HyattJCMSPhoenix26Yes - AutoD-2
Benjamin DengBASIS PhoenixPhoenix19Yes - AutoD-3
Benjamin MakaafiEduprizePhoenix4NoD-3
Bernardo BaezWilson K-8Phoenix48Yes - AutoD-2
Christopher PoolBASIS PhoenixPhoenix32Yes - AutoD-3
Cooper BedwellSt. Michael's ParishPhoenix54Yes - AutoD-1
Daniel CasanovaWilson K-8Phoenix49Yes - AutoD-2
Daniel PietzMile HighPhoenix12NoD-2
Eli NelsonPrescott Mile HighPhoenix42Yes - AutoD-3
Elizabeth MonthoferSt. Michael'sPhoenix24NoD-1
Georgia CoxDesert SkyPhoenix16Yes - AutoD-4
Kevin YinBASIS PhoenixPhoenix34Yes - AutoD-2
Leslie VillasenorEliseo C. FelixPhoenix10NoD-1
Lopez MarcidSt. Michael's Parish DayPhoenix23Yes - AutoD-4
Megan CannEduprizePhoenix16Yes - AutoD-4
Mostafa TourkyWilson K-8Phoenix52Yes - AutoD-1
Neriah McLaughlinEduprize Queen CreekPhoenix18NoD-1
Pico YbarraEliseo C. FelixPhoenix-2NoD-2
Raina DuncanPMHMSPhoenix-3NoD-2
Robert LeeWilson K-8Phoenix38Yes - AutoD-1
Salvador RealEliseo C. FelixPhoenix8NoD-3
Seth RinvortEduprizePhoenix15NoD-2
Stefanie SerranoEliseo C. FelixPhoenix12NoD-4
Vishesh AminBASIS ScottsdalePhoenix35Yes - AutoD-1
Aaron SilvisWest AlleghenyPittsburgh43Yes - AutoD-4
Akiliann BraySt. EdmundsPittsburgh40Yes - AutoD-3
Allen FarabaughSt. Benedict's JohnstownPittsburgh43Yes - AutoD-1
Annabelle DayWillow Creek Learning CenterPittsburgh46Yes - AutoD-2
Benjamin GearySomersetPittsburgh35Yes - MedianD-1
Blake WolfeTrinity ChristianPittsburgh22Yes - AutoD-4
Caitlyn UrbanSomersetPittsburgh31NoD-3
Connor CoyleSt. Benedict GiestownPittsburgh25Yes - AutoD-4
Daniel WoodsTrinity ChristianPittsburgh47Yes - AutoD-4
Devon StokesElizabeth ForwardPittsburgh16NoD-2
Ethan CharlsonSt. EdmundsPittsburgh17Yes - AutoD-2
Gabriel HainesWest AlleghenyPittsburgh17Yes - AutoD-2
Hayley PalmerElizabeth ForwardPittsburgh16NoD-1
Jackson MooreSt. EdmundsPittsburgh58Yes - AutoD-2
Jacob AllenSterrettPittsburgh22Yes - AutoD-4
Joey MazurkiewiczSomersetPittsburgh28NoD-3
John HolderWest AlleghenyPittsburgh38Yes - AutoD-1
Johnny SternCampus School of CarlowPittsburgh59Yes - AutoD-1
Jonathan CinelliCharleroi AreaPittsburgh48Yes - AutoD-1
Jonathan McGeeHomeschooledPittsburgh52Yes - AutoD-3
Karlen BroveyCharleroiPittsburgh16NoD-4
Kate ChailletSt. EdmundsPittsburgh41Yes -AutoD-3
Kyle VerhovsekSt. Benedict's JohnstownPittsburgh1NoD-1
Logothetis ZervosTrinity ChristianPittsburgh38Yes - AutoD-1
Michael HajloszSterrettPittsburgh18NoD-3
Nathan GoodmanElizabeth ForwardPittsburgh39Yes -AutoD-1
Nicholas MucciolaSt. Benedict's JohnstownPittsburgh22NoD-1
Rachel NagySaint BenedictPittsburgh42Yes - AutoD-2
Rose ChanSomersetPittsburgh10NoD-4
Shaelyn MooneyElizabeth ForwardPittsburgh16NoD-2
Trevor MoreciSt. EdmundsPittsburgh39Yes -AutoD-1
Abhigya SodaniStollerPortland20NoD-4
Albert ChenStollerPortland16NoD-3
Benji ChiuStollerPortland31Yes - AutoD-2
Caleb WilsonFruitlandPortland17NoD-2
Connor ______St. Mary'sPortland30NoE
Elena LeeLake OswegoPortland46Yes - AutoD-1
Fouaad OmranyOregon Islamic AcademyPortland27NoD-2
Grace CookLake OswegoPortland31Yes - AutoD-3
Grant ChenStollerPortland46Yes - AutoD-2
Isaac BogerWest Hills ChristianPortland40Yes - AutoD-4
Isaac ReitzFruitland SchoolsPortland52Yes - AutoD-2
James CarmonaWest Hills ChristianPortland38Yes - AutoD-4
JonathanStollerPortland51Yes - AutoD-2
Lucas LallyStollerPortland35Yes - AutoD-4
Matt ShirtsFruitlandPortland27Yes - MedianD-4
Matthew SeeleyLake OswegoPortland70Yes - AutoD-1
Pranay SharmaStollerPortland25NoD-3
Raj SurampudiStollerPortland31Yes - AutoD-2
Sean KeatingSt. Mary's MedfordPortland47Yes - AutoD-3
Sean MilliganSt. Mary'sPortland37Yes - AutoE
Sofia Al-BawaniHomeschooledPortland56Yes - AutoD-4
Tapabrata GhoshStollerPortland31Yes - MedianD-1
Warner MehlLa CenterPortland28Yes - MedianD-4
Abraham HarrisOrionSalt Lake City34Yes - MedianD-3
Alexa KelterSaint John the BaptistSalt Lake City67Yes - AutoD-1
Allison ArguetaSouth JordanSalt Lake City49Yes - AutoD-2
Annelise SokolowSaint John the BaptistSalt Lake City46Yes - AutoD-1
Bethany ThackaerayTimberlineSalt Lake City49Yes - AutoD-4
Brayden SitesRobert StuartSalt Lake City1NoD-1
Dalton PlaceCopper MountainSalt Lake City25NoD-2
David KneelandHeritage ChristianSalt Lake City49Yes - AutoD-3
Elena OardHeritage ChristianSalt Lake City46Yes - AutoD-1
Emma FlatteryOrionSalt Lake City31Yes - AutoD-4
Evan JanisCopper MountainSalt Lake City13NoD-4
Hamilton LavihRobert Stuart Middle SchoolSalt Lake City22NoD-4
Hridnay SureshSouth JordanSalt Lake City5NoD-3
J.T. BrunnerElk RidgeSalt Lake City25NoD-3
Jacob McCoySouth JordanSalt Lake City45Yes - AutoD-3
James PennSaint John the BaptistSalt Lake City26NoD-2
Janah JohnsonCopper MountainSalt Lake City33Yes - AutoD-2
Larissa TubbsRobert StuartSalt Lake City22NoD-1
Marcus TannerSaint John the BaptistSalt Lake City19NoD-2
McKay MargettsSouth JordanSalt Lake City32Yes - AutoD-2
Noah StuartOrionSalt Lake City27NoD-1
Riley CrezeeOrionSalt Lake City43Yes - MedianD-1
William HughesCopper MountainSalt Lake City41Yes - AutoD-3
Zach BaileySouth Jordan Middle SchoolSalt Lake City25Yes - AutoD-4
Andrew WangSan Francisco43Yes - MedianD-1
Aniket KapadiaBASIS Independent Silicon ValleySan Francisco41Yes - AutoD-4
Ben DavisWinston ChurchillSan Francisco42Yes - MedianD-1
Bora GurselQuarry LaneSan Francisco32Yes - MedianD-1
Brandon BaikBASIS Independent Silicon ValleySan Francisco50Yes - MedianD-1
Chase BlankenshipBarrySan Francisco25NoD-1
David GeitnerBarrySan Francisco16NoD-1
Dylan ZhangHopkinsSan Francisco37Yes - AutoD-4
Ethan YanNueva SchoolSan Francisco48Yes - AutoD-2
Hima AramonaQuarry LaneSan Francisco55Yes - AutoD-1
Jared LaygviWinston ChurchillSan Francisco40Yes - AutoD-2
Joseph ChangSunol GlenSan Francisco32NoD-2
Joshua ReelogleSunol GlenSan Francisco23NoD-4
Kamal LakisicMillerSan Francisco52Yes - AutoD-1
Kashvi LalgudiHopkinsSan Francisco64Yes - AutoD-4
Kiran RachamalluRedwoodSan Francisco55Yes - AutoD-1
Kristin CheungBAISS Independent Silicon ValleySan Francisco35Yes - AutoD-4
Maryam MoghaddaniHomeschooledSan Francisco52Yes - AutoD-4
Mikey LewisCAVASan Francisco44Yes - MedianD-1
Mitchell LaugharnApostles Lutheran SchoolSan Francisco37Yes - MedianD-2
Rhea MitrQuarry LaneSan Francisco70Yes - AutoD-4
Sarah MenaaWinston ChurchillSan Francisco25NoD-4
Sarvesh RajanikanthQuarry Lane SchoolSan Francisco0NoD-2
Satya YalamanchiHarvest ParkSan Francisco28Yes - MedianD-4
Shreyas KallingalHarvest ParkSan Francisco25NoD-4
Srikar KolliparaSan Francisco68Yes - AutoD-1
Srikar VoletiHopkinsSan Francisco58Yes - AutoD-2
Suprav GoswamiHopkinsSan Francisco67Yes - AutoD-2
Tarun SreedharWindemere RanchSan Francisco70Yes - AutoD-1
Wesley BriggsCavaSan Francisco-2NoD-4
Yukta GuttaWinston ChurchillSan Francisco19NoD-4
Anirudh PrakashOdle MiddleSeattle53Yes - AutoD-3
Dylan DoneyCheney MiddleSeattle27NoD-3
Evan BrownKlahowya SecondarySeattle44Yes - MedianD-3
Liam DiephusLynden Christian SchoolSeattle55Yes - AutoD-3
Lucya RasmussenLynden Christian MiddleSeattle43Yes - MedianD-3
Luke HamburgCheney MiddleSeattle47Yes - AutoD-3
Paige KingCheney MiddleSeattle57Yes - AutoD-3
Tommy ChristiansonCheney MiddleSeattle43Yes - MedianD-3
Alex DelVecchioMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT52Yes- AutoE
Brandon YuParkwaySouthern CT63Yes- AutoE
Calvin ChenTenaflySouthern CT49Yes- AutoE
Chris ElsonTenaflySouthern CT18NoE
Clarissa LiuTenaflySouthern CT30NoE
Dougie BrownMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT8NoE
Evan TongMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT53Yes- AutoE
Folke BrunoMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT65Yes- AutoE
Franke DruggeMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT51Yes- AutoE
Grace HandMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT31NoE
Griffin SamroengrajaMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT31NoE
Jack GabrielMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT21NoE
Jack RobersonMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT37Yes- MedianE
Jerry FengTenaflySouthern CT25NoE
John PhippsMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT67Yes- AutoE
Marvin YuTenaflySouthern CT49Yes- AutoE
Rowan O'SullivanMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT27NoE
Sean HuffertMiddlesex Middle SchoolSouthern CT47Yes- AutoE
Adam StevensImmaculate ConceptionSt. Louis58Yes - AutoD-1
Aidan FeinSpringfield FranklinSt. Louis55Yes - AutoD-3
Amit CohenWydownSt. Louis46Yes - AutoD-3
Benjamin TraxleImmaculate ConceptionSt. Louis43Yes - AutoD-4
Caleb MartonfiTuscumbiaSt. Louis40Yes - AutoD-1
Charles SteinbaumWydownSt. Louis52Yes - AutoD-1
Connor EnglandBuekerSt. Louis21NoD-4
Devereux BetzerMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis34Yes - AutoD-1
Dylan McKinneyBuekeSt. Louis14NoD-2
Eli BennerMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis25NoD-3
Emily MoellerTuscumbiaSt. Louis28NoD-1
Etienne SotoTrinity LutheranSt. Louis28NoD-1
Hannah WeilerImmaculate ConceptionSt. Louis54Yes - AutoD-3
Ian McDonaldBuekerSt. Louis34Yes - AutoD-4
Jacob LaGesseWydownSt. Louis34Yes - AutoD-1
Jerry HongMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis23NoD-2
Joe PangelinanSt. Mark CatholicSt. Louis23NoD-4
Katherine SiFranklinSt. Louis34NoD-4
Kedar VenkateshWydownSt. Louis24Yes - AutoD-2
Ludwig ColeMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis19NoD-2
Maggie GrimmTrinity LutheranSt. Louis34Yes - AutoD-1
Matthew HustonBuekerSt. Louis31NoD-3
Nate BordersFranklinSt. Louis52Yes - AutoD-1
Nick PrindivilleImmaculate ConceptionSt. Louis29Yes - AutoD-2
Nolan LupardusTuscumbiaSt. Louis38Yes - AutoD-1
Preston McDowellMiller County R-IIISt. Louis32Yes - AutoD-2
Shubha VermaMaroa-ForsythSt. Louis37Yes - AutoD-2
Tavin MatiszikWydownSt. Louis38Yes - AutoD-4
Taylor RothTrinity LutheranSt. Louis33Yes -MedianD-1
Varsha IyerBenjamin FranklinSt. Louis42Yes - AutoD-4
Abigail FitzpatrickSandy Creek CentralSyracuse37Yes - AutoD-4
Andrew OttananoWellwoodSyracuse34Yes -AutoD-2
Blake CollettRed JacketSyracuse13NoD-2
Evan BybeeWellwoodSyracuse34Yes -AutoD-2
James FinoNotre DameSyracuse24Yes -AutoD-2
Korey WaltersWellwoodSyracuse25Yes - AutoD-4
McKenzie KwakSandy CreekSyracuse16NoD-4
Nathan MontgomeryEagle HillSyracuse21NoD-4
Nick TestaniEagle HillSyracuse32Yes - AutoD-4
Ryan MartinBrockportSyracuse19NoD-4
Sam SeverOliverSyracuse16NoD-2
Trenton NguyenRed JacketSyracuse25Yes - AutoD-4
Aksu, SeliumNysmith SchoolWashington58Yes - AutoD-3
Alvarado, AlexanderNysmithWashington64Yes - AutoD-2
Apperson, DanielSaint ColumbaWashington40Yes - AutoD-1
Artis, GabrielleProspect Heights MiddleWashington11NoD-3
Bale, MeganRobious Middle SchoolWashington24NoD-1
Barua, AiokEastern Middle SchoolWashington43Yes - AutoD-2
Ben GreenbergH-B WoodlawnWashington28NoD-1
Bhalerao, OmkarSeneca Ridge Middle SchoolWashington59Yes - AutoD-3
Bhinge, RohilNysmithWashington70Yes - AutoD-2
Bodge, ChristianNativity CatholicWashington19NoD-1
Bradbury, FrederickSt. Peter and PaulWashington43Yes - AutoD-2
Breen, KevinCharlottesville Catholic SchoolWashington55Yes - AutoD-2
Brintzinghoffer, LilyRobinsionWashington18NoD-2
Canady, JamesN/AWashington31Yes - MedianD-1
Carlson, WillSwanson Middle SchoolWashington70Yes - AutoD-2
Casey, DevonSeneca Ridge Middle SchoolWashington51Yes - AutoD-3
Christopher, BenjaminHenley Middle SchoolWashington46Yes - AutoD-2
Coarod, JacobNansemond Suffolk AcademyWashington43Yes - AutoD-2
Connors, JosephBlessed Sacrament SchoolWashington42Yes - AutoD-2
Cook, MasonRobinsonsWashington64Yes - AutoD-1
Corckran, JamesIndian Creek SchoolWashington28NoD-1
Deane, CashProspect Heights MSWashington17NoD-2
Deng, IsabelleNysmithWashington52Yes - AutoD-3
Dickerson, ColeCentral MiddleWashington40Yes - MedianD-3
Douvas, JuliaHenley Middle SchoolWashington49Yes - AutoD-1
Dyson, JackRiverbend Middle SchoolWashington48Yes - AutoD-3
Ensley, ThomasManchester Middle SchoolWashington64Yes - AutoD-1
Fajer, JacobRachel Carson MSWashington50Yes - AutoD-2
Fallicou, JacobCharlottesville Catholic SchoolWashington34Yes - MedianD-2
Favale, NicholasManchester MiddleWashington43Yes - AutoD-1
Fendig, AlexBlessed Sacrament SchoolWashington27NoD-2
Fisher, EricAlbert Hill MiddleWashington26NoD-3
Forys, JohnFairfax Christian SchoolWashington55Yes - AutoD-1
Forys, WilliamFairfax Christian SchoolWashington1NoD-1
Friedman, BradleyNansemond-Suffolk-AcademyWashington55Yes - AutoD-3
Futrell, StevenCentral Middle SchoolWashington11NoD-3
Gomez, DiegoH.B. WoodlawnWashington28NoD-1
Hagen, PaulTomahawk CreekWashington13NoD-2
Hardart, HenryIndian Creek SchoolWashington36Yes - AutoD-1
Hay, McKinleyProspect Heights MiddlesWashington45Yes - MedianD-3
Haynes, WalkerLongfellow Middle SchoolWashington55Yes - AutoD-3
Hunter, RusselHenley Middle SchoolWashington40Yes - AutoD-1
Jacobson, WillH-B WoodlawnWashington59Yes - AutoD-3
jones, AlexH-B WoodlawanWashington52Yes - AutoD-3
Kabiri, AndrewH-B WoodlawnWashington46Yes - AutoD-2
Kessler, GeorgeGainesville MiddleWashington44Yes - MedianD-3
Khemva, AmanH-B WoodlawnWashington14NoD-1
Kling, KiramMaretWashington39Yes - AutoD-1
Kyriychenko, MichaelSwanson Middle SchoolWashington42Yes - AutoD-2
Lu, KevinEastern MSWashington65Yes - AutoD-3
Marah, AynanFairfieldWashington37Yes - MedianD-2
Mathes, DanielCharlottesville Catholic SchoolWashington32Yes - MedianD-1
McCoy, IanAlbert Hill Middle SchoolWashington45Yes - MedianD-3
McDaniel, JacobSt. Peter and PaulWashington32NoD-2
McLaughlin, SeanThoreauWashington53Yes - AutoD-3
Menaffey, ThomasRobinson SSWashington34Yes - AutoD-1
Merone, HoldenCharlottesville Catholic SchoolWashington33Yes - MedianD-1
Mery, EHenry Middle SchoolWashington52Yes - AutoD-1
Miglani, SameerMary Ellen Henderson Middle SchoolWashington5NoD-3
Miller, EvanSeneca ridge Middle SchoolWashington37Yes - AutoD-1
Morris, KyleMillsboroWashington7NoD-3
Mullen, HannahStonewall Jackson MiddleWashington0NoD-1
Murali, VishnuThoreau Middle SchoolWashington43Yes - AutoD-1
Nahn, MilesSwanson Middle SchoolWashington34Yes - MedianD-2
Nathan, PrithviGainesville Middle SchoolWashington70Yes - AutoD-3
Nathanson, BellaAlbert Hill Middle SchoolWashington3NoD-1
Nirihar, RaseemIrving MSWashington20NoD-1
O'Brien, GarretMaret SchoolWashington45Yes - AutoD-2
Ollie GarciaCharlottesville Catholic SchoolWashington34Yes - MedianD-2
Ostrowski, JosephNativityWashington47Yes - AutoD-3
Packer, IsaacTomahawk Creek MiddleWashington24NoD-1
Park, JunsongThoreou Middle SchoolWashington26NoD-3
Paulson, HenryAlbert Hill Middle SchoolWashington38Yes - MedianD-3
Paulson, RosemaryNativityWashington31Yes - MedianD-1
Phillips, RyanLanier Middle SchoolWashington46Yes - AutoD-1
Robertson, SeanNativity Catholic PrivateWashington25NoD-1
Rumar, IshuanNysmithWashington9NoD-3
Rushforth, BethNativity Catholic SchoolWashington25NoD-2
Sanjay, SachinRobious Middle SchoolWashington55Yes - AutoD-3
Schofield, AbigailTomahawkWashington32Yes - MedianD-1
Sharma, VaibhavNysmithWashington53Yes - AutoD-3
Shu, MatthewTakoma Park Middle SchoolWashington44Yes - AutoD-1
Simmons, RobertGainesville Middle SchoolWashington40Yes - AutoD-1
Singh, AadityaLongfellow Middle SchoolWashington45Yes - MedianD-3
Spalding, ErinThoreou Middle SchoolWashington22NoD-2
Steenstra, DeclanHB WoodlawnWashington13NoD-2
Steenstra, DeclanHB WoodlawnWashington29NoD-3
Stollsteimer, DonovanManchester Middle SchoolWashington37Yes - MedianD-3
Sullivan, MeganRobinson Secondary SchoolWashington43Yes - AutoD-1
Teefey, MacTomahawkWashington43Yes - AutoD-1
Thomas, AmithGainesville Middle SchoolWashington49Yes - AutoD-3
Walls, PeterRobious Middle SchoolWashington22NoD-1
Westwater, DarbySwanson Middle SchoolWashington51Yes - AutoD-3
Yost, MatthewBlessed Sacrament DCWashington31NoD-3
Abigail LloydLiberty MiddleWichita28NoD-1
Alanna GrosbollHomeschoolWichita47Yes- AutoD-3
Alexander ClineThe Independent SchoolWichita43Yes- AutoD-3
Allison McGowanLiberty MiddleWichita23NoD-1
Andres VenegasLiberty MiddleWichita28Yes- AutoD-4
Andrew AstreAlma MiddleWichita28Yes- AutoD-2
Ashlyn MahoneyThe Independent SchoolWichita23NoD-1
Blaise HaydenManhattan Catholic SchoolsWichita28Yes- AutoD-4
Brendon GilbertJardine MiddleWichita4NoD-4
Cameron GoughBixby MiddleWichita52Yes- AutoD-4
Camryn RoseAlma MiddleWichita27NoD-1
Casey TravisLongfellow MiddleWichita34Yes- AutoD-2
Catherine WieseLongfellow MiddleWichita22NoD-2
Chinyere ObasiZion Luthern SchoolWichita52Yes- AutoD-1
Clayton PerkinsBlessed SacramentWichita52Yes- AutoD-1
Cole Shafer-RayAlcott MiddleWichita47Yes- AutoD-1
Connor PinneySanta Fe TrailWichita16NoD-1
Corwin SpencerCentral Christian AcademyWichita22NoD-2
Dillon DembowskiLongfellow MiddleWichita44Yes- AutoD-1
Donovan McAbeeLiberty MiddleWichita13NoD-2
Elizabeth SmithAurora MiddleWichita14NoD-1
Finley KieferBlessed SacramentWichita30Yes- AutoD-2
Hannah DuncanManhattan Catholic SchoolsWichita22NoD-3
Ian WeberBlessed SacramentWichita37Yes- MedianD-3
I-Kang KennedyLongfellow MiddleWichita21NoD-4
Jack BergesonThe Independent SchoolWichita58Yes- AutoD-1
Jackson FussellBixby MiddleWichita30Yes- AutoD-4
Jerusha RowdenSanta Fe TrailWichita12NoD-3
John WettaBlessed SacramentWichita25NoD-4
Josephine SmartJardine MiddleWichita1NoD-4
Justin RagerJardine MiddleWichita7NoD-4
Karina FengWhittier MiddleWichita30Yes- AutoD-2
Kern BrunkAlcott MiddleWichita36Yes- AutoD-4
Kotis AtkinsonJardine MiddleWichita16NoD-1
Logan IngramAlma MiddleWichita23NoD-2
Madi RiceBixby MiddleWichita18NoD-4
Malor MuthukumarThe Independent SchoolWichita55Yes- AutoD-2
Matteo CampagnolaHellstern MiddleWichita49Yes- AutoD-3
Matthew KroekerThe Independent SchoolWichita37Yes- AutoD-2
McKenna CruikshankArcadia Public Schools NEWichita16NoD-2
Nicholas MartiskoInmanWichita3NoD-3
Noah JustusBixby MiddleWichita-9NoD-2
Paul WalkerBlessed SacramentWichita47Yes- AutoD-2
Ross HarropJardine MiddleWichita1NoD-4
Ruby QuezadaDodge City MiddleWichita40Yes- AutoD-3
Rylee SlatesAlma MiddleWichita28Yes- AutoD-4
Sarah ShabbirSanta Fe TrailWichita10NoD-2
Shane WilsonCentral Christian AcademyWichita32Yes- AutoD-4
Skyler SmithDodge City MiddleWichita51Yes- AutoD-1
Tao ZhuWhittier MiddleWichita52Yes- AutoD-2
Travis WilliamsAlcott MiddleWichita44Yes- AutoD-4
Vincent LiWhittier MiddleWichita29Yes- AutoD-1
Yannick DavidsonWhittier MiddleWichita49Yes- AutoD-3