Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia will be the inaugural site for the United States Geography Challenge Qualifying Exam on Saturday, October, 20. The Qualifying Exam is scheduled to be held from 12:45-1:05 during the lunch break of the Southwestern Virginia History Bee and Bowl. Students aiming to take the Qualifying Exam who are not participating in the History Bee or History Bowl should arrive no later than 12:15, as the Exam may begin as early as 12:30 if the tournament is running ahead of schedule.
USGC President and Co-founder, David Madden, will direct the tournament, and will proctor the Qualifying Exam. As for all USGC Qualifying Exams, advanced registration is not required, though schools and students who need an invoice can register on the website. Students taking the Qualifying Exam are also encouraged to compete in the History Bee and/or History Bowl too. All three competitions will be held at separate times, so there is no overlap.