International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce the start of the new academic year for the US Geography Championships. In fact, the new academic year will also feature the culmination of the previous one with the 2020 USGC National Championships now scheduled for Fri., November 13 (Middle & Elementary School) and Fri., November 20 (Varsity & Junior Varsity). These are open to anyone who qualified for USGC Nationals prior to September 1, 2020. Students will compete in the Nov. 2020 Nationals in the age division that they would have played in had the Nationals been held as scheduled back in the spring; thus current college freshmen are eligible to compete in the Varsity, and current 9th graders would compete in the Middle School Division, for example.

From October onwards, students will also be able to take the Qualifying Exams for the 2021 USGC National Championships. As with the November National Championships, these new Qualifying Exams will be held online. It is not yet certain if the 2021 USGC National Championships will be held online or in person. A decision will be made by early January for the Varsity and JV National Championships, and a decision will be made by early March for the Middle & Elementary School National Championships.

Please contact us at if you have any questions. Good luck!